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Images of Decay by Monique Beebe

IMAGO Art Gallery opens its doors again with an exhibition of exquisite portraits by Monique Beebe that reflects on the cyclical nature of life and death.

The summer is almost coming to an end and we are proceeding into the Fall. With the end of summer, many galleries which were dormant for a while have again started hosting new exhibitions. “Images of Decay” by Monique Beebe marks the return of the IMAGO Art Galleries. And what a stunning return it is! Mareea Farrasco has created a brand new art space consisting of modern gallery buildings on a beautiful platform.

The first of many more exhibitions which will surely follow, “Images of Decay” displays some truly wonderful portraits by Monique Beebe. Moni’s exhibitions always comprise of a central theme around which her imagery is based. In her last exhibit at the Kondor Art Center, the plasticity of people in Second Life was what shaped the work in the exhibit. In this one, Moni prefers to go a shade darker by focusing on decay, death and the cycle of life.

In some of Moni’s images the decay is incorporated into the image in the form of a filter of rust applied in post-processing, while in a few select images, the decay forms a part of the picture itself. While we may look at decay traditionally in a negative way, we must also remember that only because of decay is there life.

Through her evocative portraits and effective use of advanced lighting techniques and some amount of post-processing, Monique Beebe is able to show us that even within the decay there is beauty to be found. For this exhibit at the IMAGO Art Gallery 1B, there is no introductory notecard; but neither is one needed. The art speaks for itself and provokes the viewer to think, reflect and interpret each work in their own way.

In a way, this exhibit invokes the idea of the cyclical nature of existence while also serving as a critique of social injustices through some of the work here (most notably “Wrong Side of Life“). Each portrait which forms a part of this fascinating collection has been created using different tones, shades and is meant to evoke a wide range of emotions and feelings in the visitor.

Each piece of art is ambiguous in its meaning and can be interpreted in several ways, which makes viewing this exhibit an extremely thought-provoking and intense experience. The surreal sculptures of Mistero Hifeng placed throughout this display also add to the overall atmosphere. From what we learned while talking to Monique, this might be her final exhibition for some time since she is looking to reinvent herself and develop more before coming up with another exhibition.

This bit of information makes it even more important to get yourself at the IMAGO Art Gallery as soon as possible and take in Moni’s exquisite images one last time before it disappears off the walls for some time.


  1. Imago Art Gallery 1B – Broken Mountain

Tip : The Teleport lands you on the ground. You need to take the beam teleport up to Gallery 1B.

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