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In Other Wor(l)ds : The Art of Whiskey Monday

In her latest exhibit at the GBTH Project, artist Whiskey Monday translates pages from her personal journal into images created in SL.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Sometimes complex or multiple ideas can be depicted by a single still image, which conveys its meaning or essence more effectively than a verbal description. This can be seen in practice at Whiskey Monday’s latest exhibition “In Other Wor(l)ds” in the 2D Gallery at the GBTH Project.

In the introduction to the exhibit, Whiskey describes herself as a writer more than an artist, who generally expresses herself through words rather than images. She jots down her thoughts, memories along with some interesting quotes she may come across in small notebooks which she carries around on her at most times.

These scribblings often form the base of the images she creates in SL. This is also one of her ways to clear her head of a writer’s block which she may face at times. A word or a phrase gets stuck in her head at times and she finds that exploring her creativity in SL helps her let go of the word, thus clearing her head.

Using specific pages from her journals, Whiskey has created nine different images in SL based on each of them. Through these pages and images, we get a deeper insight not just into the art itself but also into the mind of the artist herself at various points in her life. Beginning with the effects of childhood trauma, Whiskey takes us on a moving journey dealing with both good and bad memories that have shaped her life.

A unique feature of this exhibit is that it even allows us to read the original journal pages by clicking and holding on each individual image presented in this exhibition. There is a lot to be observed in the journal pages too. Whiskey’s writings are mostly scribblings done by her for herself. As she states in the introductory note, she never intended to show these to anyone and hence these contain many quotes by others which she must have come across at that point of time.

It is interesting to note that her style of writing changes in every piece too. More chaotic towards the beginning, we can see that it becomes more structured gradually as she learns to express herself through words much better. In one of the last images, she draws parallels between 2020 and the childhood trauma she suffered.

If childhood trauma taught me anything, we won’t remember 2020.

Whiskey’s writing hits hard and strikes all the right chords. Underlying themes are plenty in her images and one can just stand around for a long time finding a multitude of meanings, subtleties and details in her work.

Along with In Other Wor(l)ds, Whiskey also displays an exhibit of hers consisting of a series of images she made between 2012 and 2014 inspired by her own Tweets. One can think of this as a pre-cursor, or an earlier version of the main exhibit as it also connects SL images with RL words.

I always enjoy multi-disciplinary art that connects two amazing streams to create something truly remarkable. Combining her honest, heart-touching words with images which complement them perfectly, Whiskey has managed to create something truly unique and fascinating that surely deserves a visit.


  1. 2D Gallery – The GBTH Project

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