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In Pictures : New Exhibitions at the Love & Love Factory Art Gallery

Check out Ilyra Chardin's multimedia artwork, Asperix Asp's stunning fractals and Zia Branner's paintings from the physical world at Love & Love Factory Art Gallery.

CONNECTIONS by Ilyra Chardin

Ilyra Chardin is an artist and designer, whose work has been featured in installations and exhibits across the grid. Her artwork crosses media and styles, spanning from real life and digital to SL art. Apart from being a fantastic artist, Ilyra is also a storyteller who includes multiple layers of meaning within her work, whether it be the 2D art she creates or her immersive installation. Her work is always close to nature and the environment, and recently she has started creating installations by blending in her 2D and 3D work, which are a delight to explore for all art lovers. CONNECTIONS is a 3D installation by Ilyra in which she has embedded some of her 2D work, thus creating a beautiful narrative.

The Fractal Art of Asperix Asp

Asperix is a Spanish artist with more than 35 years of experience in digital imaging, computer graphics, rendered 3D fractals, virtual environments and dozens of exhibitions in SL and RL, both collective and solo. His incredible display of fractal art at the Love & Love Factory Art Gallery comes along with a beautiful sculpture created by him, which can be considered a representation of a fractal in physical form. This exhibit is one which admirers of digital and fractal works will surely enjoy.

A Display of Zia Branner's Paintings

We have been following Zia Branner's art for almost a year now. Her abstracts are loved by one and all in the Second Life virtual world. At her new exhibition at the Love & Love Factory Art Gallery, Zia premieres a new work in the virtual world. Titled 'Obticeo', this new painting stands large and prominent on the main wall inside this exhibit. Created using a similar color palette as one of her earlier works, 'Vortex', this new painting is a marvel to admire.



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