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An Installation to Visit this Weekend - "Wrong Clouds" by Terry Gold

You should definitely explore this poignant installation about the heavy cost of war and the cruel impact it has upon the future generations.

An invitation from Terry Gold sent out into one of the many art groups sent us scurrying over to visit "Wrong Clouds" - her new installation, themed around the recent Russia-Ukraine conflict and its repercussions for future generations.

If you have visited any of Terry's previous installations, you will know how she uses light and the darkness effectively to create mesmerizing scenes and narratives. Her writing also plays a major part in her installations.

In the introduction to this immersive installation, Terry writes:

"With my friends, when I was a young girl, we played lying on the lawn, looking for funny faces, animals and strange objects among the clouds in the sky… the clouds stirred by the wind’s fantasy created stories, we laughed on that lawn, few things were enough.

Even today every now and then, remembering those times, I play this game, white clouds in ever-changing vortices, new faces... new animals and stories.

But if the clouds are created by thunderous bombs… if the clouds are dark and threatening, what game can kids play today?

Will they be able to see with their imagination… stories?

What kind of terror game is this?

In twenty years looking at the clouds they will not have the good fortune of a joyful memory like mine, every cloud will be black… thunderous… a terrifying storm, but I believe that even after all that time these clouds will remind them a face, the swollen face of a tyrant."

Her previous installations consisted of multiple rooms and scenes; this one is centered around just one scene - that of a battered Russian tank in a sunflower field and two kids who look up at the gathering clouds in the sky - but the impact and the depth within this scene is so much that it doesn't need anything else.

"Wrong Clouds" by Terry Gold is one of the most thought-provoking installations you will come across about the cost of war and its effects upon future generations. An absolute must-visit!



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