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Invisible Cities - Doomed Bodies

This amazing exhibition by Deborakaz at the Kondor Art Center carries a strong message of fighting for women's rights and against gender-based violence.

Deborakaz is one of the most remarkable artists in the world of Second Life who uses all different artforms at her disposal to create immersive exhibitions with a strong message. In her last exhibition at the Nitroglobus Gallery, Debora focused upon the infighting amongst women which leads to the lack of a unity needed to fight against violence.

"Doomed Bodies" at the Kondor Art Center takes Debora's theme of women's rights and the fight for equality further, exposing the machist thinking of several priests and Saints of the Church, who have given some shocking comments about the status of women in the past.

The exhibition itself consists of greyscale portraits of some of the prominent female personalities in the art world of Second Life, each having a small inspirational quote attached to it. Many female artists, curators, musicians and art patrons can be found within these portraits.

Wireframe art has always been Debora's trademark. She combines it with text and SL photography to create a mesmerizing display that leaves a powerful impact on the mind of any visitor to the exhibition.

Apart from the Second Life portraiture, Debora has also created three incredible sculptures for this exhibition. Orange is the one color in this exhibit which stands out, perhaps a nod to the "Orange the World" campaign carried out by UN Women every year. The color orange is used because it symbolizes a brighter future, free of violence.

The next edition of the "Orange the World" campaign will be held from November 25th to December 10th of this year. At Art Korner/Artsville, we will be doing our bit in association with Color the World Orange to spread the message amongst as many people as possible. If you wish to join in this effort with us, please contact Frank Atisso.

"Invisible Cities - Doomed Bodies" is a visually stunning exhibit with a message that will surely reach out to the deepest parts of every visitor. Please do visit it and take the time to understand the message it delivers.



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