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Isle of May - A Tribute to sim designer Serene Footman

Jade Koltai has reconstructed the highly photogenic Isle of May, a build from 2018, in memory of her creative partner Serene Footman, who passed away recently.

When it came to building regions that inspire photography and explorations, Serene Footman was someone whose builds I always looked forward to. Although created in Second Life (a virtual world), the inspiration for his builds always came from beautiful places in the physical world.

Readers might hold the mysterious bridge in the mining town at Ojuela, the row of chairs at Furillen or the black sand beaches of Dyrholaey, still fresh in their memories. For his builds, Serene did extensive research, paid great attention to details and had an intense passion for all his work.

Alas today Serene is with us no more. As a tribute to his memory, Jade Koltai, his collaborator is many of his builds, has put up a build they worked on together in 2018 - Isle of May.

Isle of May, in the physical world, is a small island off the coast of northern Scotland which is only about 1.5 kilometers long and 0.5 kilometers wide. There are no permanent residents today on the island and it is managed as a natural reserve.

The steep rocky cliffs, the natural vegetation and the man made structures on the island have been reproduced in this build in Second Life quite accurately and perfectly represent the atmosphere of the island in real life, presumably reconstructed by Serene and Jade looking at many photographs. A journey through this destination gives visitors a sense of how it feels like to be on the location in real life. The flora and fauna of the island have also been selected after putting hours of research into it, all of which makes the location highly realistic.

Serene Footman's build have always been highly photogenic with many, many photo opportunities. The beach at this build has some chairs where one can relax, while a lookout point behind the main cottage on the island provides sweeping views of the deep blue sea.

Through his builds, Serene Footman will always be remembered in Second Life as a highly creative personality who was was passionate about his work. He has been and always will be an inspiration for sim designers and photographers. A visit to the Isle of May is one last chance to see his creativity on display and should not be missed by anyone.

Serene, through memories of his builds, will always remain in our hearts and minds. May his soul rest in peace!



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