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International Women’s Day : Saluting the brave women of India

“We Shall Rise” by Jaz is a tribute to all the brave women of India who fought bravely against all odds and became source of hope and inspiration for every woman in the country and around the world.

In a developing country like India, crime against women is a really serious issue which needs to be dealt with urgently. Acid attacks, honor killings, dowry, rape and forced prostitution are just some of the crimes that are regularly reported against women in the country. A few decades ago, a majority of the crimes against women went unreported due to a social stigma attached to rape and molestation. However, through the years, due to awareness campaigns, education and support, women started coming forward and reporting crimes. The rate of crime against women started going up and it become evident that a lot of the crimes were going unreported in the earlier years.

The Lundy Art Gallery is showcasing a unique exhibit by Jaz, the creator of “Indian Women – Lifting the Veil” which was a part of the One Billion Rising event. In this stunning exhibit, Jaz portrays a woman warrior in various fighting stances. Each painting is accompanied by stories of brave real-life women from India who fought and went on to overcome challenges that life threw at them.

The stories of these women serve as an inspiration to everybody, especially to those of us who are dealing with hardships in the current scenario. They serve as a reminder to never lose hope, to fight against injustice and to rise no matter how hard you get knocked down.

A mountain climber who overcame the challenge of her amputated leg to scale Mount Everest; an acid attack survivor who campaigned for the rights of victims; a social activist working to eradicate domestic violence and abuse; a girl from Mumbai’s red light district who secured a scholarship in New York City; the founder of an NGO that rescues and rehabilitates victims of sex trafficking; an acid attack victim who became an International model; a divorce lawyer helping women who have been unjustly treated or cheated by their husbands – these are the incredible women warriors that feature in this one-of-a-kind exhibit by Jaz.

The beautiful art work complements the inspiring stories of these brave women from India perfectly. The stories of these women warriors can serve as a source of inspiration for countless women all around the globe.

“We Shall Rise” by Jaz is open for viewing on the upper level of the Lundy Art Gallery. Click HERE to visit this exhibit inworld.

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