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Junction Points by Selen - Finding Your Balance in a Dual World

Duality and balance form the central themes of this thought-provoking, engaging exhibition by mixed-media artist Selen at the Nitroglobus Gallery.

Duality is perhaps the most basic state of nature. A simple observation of your surroundings will reveal this fact to you. High and low, good and bad, day and night, healthy and sick, hot and cold, north and south - the examples are innumerable. Every state of being has its natural opposite and together, these opposites make a balanced whole.

"Junction Points" is an exhibition by artist Selen at the Nitroglobus Gallery about finding this balance with oneself, with others, and with the universe in its entirety. Comprising of fourteen images, some sculptures and an amazing video all created by Selen, this exhibition is colorful, thought-provoking and a really interesting one to visit.

Having known Selen personally for more than a year, she has really grown as an artist since our first interaction. From solely relying on SL photography to create art, she has developed into an outstanding artist who now uses various digital mediums to bring her creativity to life.

Duality and balance are the two biggest themes in this exhibition and they can be seen throughout the images and sculptures found here. In the very first image titled "Conflict", a portrait is divided into two halves, one tinted a bright red, the other a cool bluish green. But together, this contrast is what makes the image whole and balanced.

In her introductory notecard, Selen says:

"Duality teaches us what we prefer to experience and helps us recognize how to change our way of thinking to create that preferred experience in our lives. We know we prefer happiness because we have known sorrow. We love health because we have known sickness."

The theme plays out throughout the artwork within the exhibition - spades and hearts, ups and downs, mood swings and many more. Selen's sculptures add beauty to this exhibition and make it truly complete. "Depth" is perhaps the most unique (and mind-boggling) one amongst them, while "Mood Swings" is interactive in nature and can be clicked to turn the animation on or off.

Last but not the least, the far wall of the gallery on the northern side plays a video which Selen has created specially for this installation. To watch the video, one needs to make sure their Media is enabled. The video was made with lots of effort and adds another layer to the exhibit.

The reflective flooring of the Nitroglobus Gallery, the color-changing flowers of Adwehe and the consistent use of pastels throughout the work creates a beautiful effect, which makes this exhibition also visually pleasant and aesthetic.

Today (December 18th) is the birthday of the curator of Nitroglobus Gallery, Dido Haas, and we wish her a very Happy Birthday from Art Korner and continued success and happiness in the coming year!



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