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Karma Daxeline - My Own Little World

Designed by Terry Gold, this exhibition of Karma Daxeline's photography at the Terrygold Art Gallery will leave you utterly stunned!

Terrygold Art Gallery occasionally features the artwork of artists other than Terry Gold herself and this time it is Karma Daxeline who has been blessed with this opportunity to exhibit her work in a setting designed by Terry Gold, a master of creating immersive exhibitions and installations, a journey through which is an experience in itself.

I have previously noticed Karma's work at Kultivate and Vibes Art Gallery and been impressed thoroughly by it both times. However, nothing could prepare me for the incredible display which Terry Gold has created in a skybox, which can be reached through a teleporter at the main landing point of the gallery.

Titled "My Own Little World", a visit to this exhibit is like a trip into a whole other dimension. The exhibition is shrouded in darkness with projectors and lights which light up the exhibit providing some amazing perspectives.

Shadows play an important role both in Karma's images themselves and in Terry Gold's characteristic staging of the exhibition, which completely enhances Karma's photography, bringing out the vivid colors, the contrast and the details in the images.

Karma creates her own avatars as models within her photography and gives them an unconventional kind of beauty, a sex appeal that seems more real than cookie-cutter Barbie doll avis. She usually focuses on shapes, shadows and light, keeping overall composition and balance being the desired goal of her photography.

In her photography, Karma depicts her models doing ordinary things with a seemingly innocent natural sensuality. The transparent flooring with small scenes placed beneath it adds to the visual appeal of the exhibition while also giving it another interesting layer.

This exhibition at the Terrygold Art Gallery of the works of Karma Daxeline is a fascinating experience to visit for anyone who loves art, photography and the display of creativity. So put it on your list already!


Tip: Please use the teleporter from landing point to reach Karma Daxeline's exhibition


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