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Kicca Igaly and Nessuno Myoo at La Maison d'Aneli

Check out the latest installations by two amazing prim sculptors who create magic without using a single mesh element in their work at La Maison d'Aneli.

We make thousands of decisions and choices within a single day without realizing it. Even things as simple as getting out of bed or having our breakfast, choosing the cereal we are going to have are all the results of decisions we have subconsciously made in our mind. Thus, we are constantly in a state of duality... torn between the choices that lie before us at every stage.

The first of two installations at La Maison d'Aneli - "Pulsions" by Kicca Igaly - centers around this concept, bringing into focus this indecision and constant state of battle which exists in our minds.

Located on a platform high above the gallery building (which serves as the landing point), Kicca's installation is completely made out of prims, without using a single mesh element. The wind light used by Kicca here provides the perfect ambiance to experience this installation.

To get the best viewing experience from this installation, please ensure you are using Shared Environment and have enabled Advanced Lighting Model with Graphics set to High or more.

The installation itself is set within a building and features scenes which you have probably seen around your own city in day-to-day life. A man sleeps on a park bench with a newspaper covering his face to block out the ambient light. Elsewhere, a group of moms are engaged in conversation while accompanied by their daughters. Towards the northern end of the exhibit, an artist is engaged in painting.

The streetlights, grass, park bench as well as all the human figures have been created from scratch by Kicca Igaly - a feat by itself. But the installation is further layered by two small angel-like figures hovering over each individual, perhaps symbolizing the internal turmoil, the indecision and duality faced by each of us.

The second installation at La Maison d'Aneli is by Nessuno Myoo, another prim sculptor who uses her outstanding skills to create truly mesmerizing installations and who has been working with Kicca since a long time. Titled "As a Mammoth In The Middle Of Butterflies", Nessuno's installation, while not as big as Kicca's in terms of area, is truly impressive and equally engaging. Perhaps, in some way, it leaves even more room for interpretation than the previous installation.

While visiting this installation, make sure you use the same settings as the earlier installation as it is important to experience the creation as it was meant to be seen. The focus of the installation is on two mammoths, who are engaged in a battle with each other and thus, disturbing a swarm of butterflies in the process.

It is an installation that can be viewed through multiple lenses. For example, one could see this as a nod to the current situation with Russia and USA being engaged in a cold war with each other while the peace in other countries gets disturbed in the process. Others, however, might see this as a representation of the age-old paradigm of "Survival of the Fittest". Whether the two mammoths are fighting or playing with each other, or with the butterflies, is also unclear, thus leaving room for even further interpretations.

Two utterly fascinating installations by Kicca Igaly and Nessuno Myoo ensure that is you decide to make a trip to La Maison d'Aneli, it will be an engaging one.



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