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Kids These Days - Lex Machine's Surreal Installation

Come and take a journey through this stunning installation by artist Lex Machine, which will compel you to reflect on what we have become as a society.

Every once in a while, artist Lex Machine comes up with a build which is rich in meaning, deeply personal and reflecting some aspect of our society. "Kids These Days" is his latest installation at the Homestead region of Eve Bayou, which will move you on an emotional level.

Society has undergone a transformation and continues to do so over time. In some aspects, this has benefited us all but this transformation has not come without a cost. For example, technological advancements came at the expense of the environment. Urbanization did not come without loss of nature. But in this installation, Lex Machine focuses his lens upon the transformation kids have undergone over time in society.

In many ways, childhood has turned much more complex than it was a few decades ago. The childhood that was supposed to be all about playfulness, fun and learning has turned into one of pressure, politics and hardships. Children these days are forced into making life-changing decisions before they even have an idea of what they wish to do in life.

Through this 3D installation created using many different sculptures, Lex Machine explores the many different issues and problems surrounding kids these days - from child labor and exploitation to the dangers of internet exposure and peer pressure.

"Pretty Much Fucked" is the way Lex Machine puts the childhood of kids these days and he leaves no stone unturned to get his point across.

This is an installation which is visually stunning and promises some wonderful photographs but it is also deeply layered, rich in meaning and will force you to contemplate on what we have become as a society.

Finally, Lex leaves us with the following words as food for thought - "Maybe it's time we stopped thinking about whether or not we can and started thinking about whether or not we should."

Lex has created a stunning, surreal installation that has the power to evoke an emotional reaction and offers visitors an experience unlike any other.



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