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Krak Bak Caye : A Slice of Tropical Paradise

Elizabeth Jewell returns to The Sim Quarterly to create an exciting, new scenic installation of a small but beautiful tourist town that offers a plethora of activities for visitors.

The Sim Quarterly is back with a brand new installation for all of us to enjoy! The last one – Cells by Moki Yuitza – was an incredible artistic masterpiece that took everyone’s breath away by its sheer ingenuity. Krak Bak Caye takes a different route by giving visitors something they have missed for far too long in the physical world – the tourist experience.

Krak Bak Caye – The Sim Quarterly

This scenic installation by Elizabeth Jewell helps you live and breathe the experience of visiting a beautiful tropical island in the Caribbean. Based on a small limestone coral island by the name of Caye Caulker off the Belizean coast, Krak Bak Caye offers everything one would want in a tropical holiday – beachside villas, a wide range of watersports and a friendly atmosphere.

The Main Street at Krak Bak Caye Town

Our tourist experience starts right from the get-go. We land at an airfield where a flight attendant greets us and delivers the Krak Bak Caye Tourist Guide Book. The book will definitely bring back some memories as it reminds you of one of the tourist brochures you always pick up from your hotel lobby. To read the book, you need to simply add it and it will attach as a HUD. Also, make sure you have sounds turned on for the duration of your visit as they play a very important role in the experience.

Our flight to Krak Bak Caye awaits

The Krak Bak Caye Tourist Guide Book details the various tourist attractions you can visit on the tropical island. From the airfield, Krak Bak Caye is just a short flight away. You will find two planes waiting on the tarmac. The plane closest to you will take you to the resort while the other one takes you to the main street in town.

The Reefs Resort – a beachside getaway to explore

The isle of Krak Bak Caye, much like its physical world counterpart, is divided by a narrow waterway known as the Split. Much of the part of the island that lies to the south of the Split is occupied by The Reefs Resort, a luxury retreat with two beautiful private beachside villas and some loungers to relax at.

The Jronkin Lizard – a rustic pub in this tranquil town

In Belizean Kroil, “Krak Bak” translates to relax – and you can do just that here. It is a place away from the rush of everyday life. A place where the slow pace of life offers you the space needed to do whatever you like. You can choose to relax in one of the numerous loungers you will find all over, or grab a drink at the Jronkin Lizard, a rustic pub that offers cold beers.

Ride a shark in these crystal clear waters!

For the more adventurous, sporty folks, there are a number of watersports and activities. Take a canoe and explore the crystal clear waters of the lagoon, rez a boat and cruise around the island or scuba dive into the depths of an enormous sinkhole under the sea and enjoy the coral reefs and aquatic life that will surround you. You can also step into the jaws of death and ride a shark here!

There are three things one always loves to take home from a holiday – happy memories, great pictures and souvenirs. And visitors to Krak Bak Caye can actually take back all three! A gift shop at the end of the main street contains some souvenir postcards you can pick up for free.

The beauty of Elizabeth Jewell’s scenic installation along with the beautiful sounds crafted by Bunyi (Electric Monday), the owner of The Sim Quarterly, provides you with an immersive experience that will stay on your mind for quite some time.

Krak Bak Caye at The Sim Quarterly will remain open to visitors till July 25th. Click HERE to visit this incredible region inworld.

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