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Kuidvis Art Space : Experiencing a Thunderous Train of Air

London Junkers’ latest build “The Thunderous Train of Air” at the brand new Kuidvis Art Space is immersive and re-creates a famous story about how poetess Ruth Stone felt inspiration come to her in her childhood.

The Opening of the Kuidvis Art Space by Lylaya was an eagerly anticipated event in the art world, even more so because of London Junkers, the outstanding 3D artist who was set to open a new installation here. Even then the immersive nature of the installation that we found ourselves in took us completely by surprise as we landed for the first time at Kuidvis.

London is an artist who attempts to tell stories through his installations. Many of his works revolve around literature (Marking the Twain) or sometimes, ancient myths (Stories at UASL). This one is no exception in that it takes inspiration from a story poetess Ruth Stone used to tell about how she felt pieces of poetry come to her in the early days of her life. London writes a beautiful poem in her memory to tell this story, which also forms the basis of his installation – “The Thunderous Train of Air“.

The Thunderous Train of Air by London Junkers – Kuidvis Art Space

Make sure you get the poem by clicking on the book near the landing point. To get the best experience out of your visit, using Shared Environment and enabling the Advanced Lighting Model will definitely go a long way. This will ensure that you are able to see the build as London wanted you to see it.

Ruth Stone was a poetess who grew up in rural Virginia. The poem, with which the installation shares its name, talks about how Ruth would hear a piece of poetry coming at her over the countryside like a thunderous train of air. It would come hurtling down the hills and through the valleys right towards her. Her reaction to it used to be just one thing – “run like hell” to her house as she was chased by the poem.

The Thunderous Train of Air by London Junkers – Kuidvis Art Space

It is this rush of getting to a piece of paper and writing down the piece of poetry before it can thunder through her and disappear forever, that forms the subject matter of the poem. It is something most creative individuals including writers, artists and musicians can relate to. The human mind is fragile and the human memory weak. Hence it often becomes extremely important to make a note of new ideas and thoughts as soon as they come to us lest we forget it in a few minutes.

Even in Ruth’s case it was not always a battle she won. Sometimes she was successful in writing it down while at other times the poem would barrel through her and “continue on across the landscape looking for another poet.” The poem by itself is beautifully written by London, who has managed to bring a complete scene to life through his installation using a simple but beautiful story from Ruth Stone’s world.

The Thunderous Train of Air by London Junkers – Kuidvis Art Space

To re-create scenes from Ruth’s childhood days in the first half of the twentieth century, London Junkers has chosen to use a black and white toning for this entire installation which works really well. The result is a highly immersive installation that depicts everything right from the thunderous train of air chasing Beth as she runs towards her house to the fields of corn and sunflower that create a beautiful ambiance throughout the entire installation.

This exhibit by London also happens to be extra-special because it is the first exhibit of the newly-formed Kuidvis Art Space. We are always excited when a new space for art opens and if the first exhibition is any indication, upcoming exhibitions and installations here are something we definitely look forward to.


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