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La Maison d'Aneli - One Last Set of Exhibitions

Take a trip to this amazing gallery and immerse yourself in the art of five outstanding artists - Yann Gyro, ZackHerrMann, Thanos Runner, Manoji Yachvili and Traci.

A few days ago, Aneli Abeyante announced the upcoming closure of her gallery - La Maison d'Aneli, one of the finest and most diverse in Second Life. The current set of exhibitions at the gallery will be the last to be exhibited there till January 14th, 2023.

The format of the gallery is very interesting and makes for an engaging visit every time. Unlike most other galleries, Aneli uses a format that allows each artist their own separate spaces to create an immersive environment for their art.

3D art, SL photography, RL photography, RL art, digitals - everything can be experienced on a single visit here. The current exhibitors at the gallery include Yann Gyro, ZackHerrMann, Thanos Runner, Manoji Yachvili and Traci.

Here is a a brief look at some of their exhibits:

Yann Gyro's installation is like a greyscale sketch in the virtual world that will leave you completely amazed

With the help of digital tools, ZackHerrMann brings to life the character created in RL when younger - Linda Cluster.

Artist Thanos Runner presents very personal drawings, portraits and also some illustrations of the human body in this exhibition.

CAVE HOMINEM by Manoji Yachvili focuses on the problems concerning the marble quarries and the Apuan Alps.

Making effective use of projectors, Traci creates a visually stunning, deeply personal exhibition.

Take a short trip to La Maison d'Aneli and make sure you visit these incredible exhibitions. From the landing point, you can take the red teleporter at the center of the room to hop from one exhibit space to the other.



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