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La Maison d’Aneli : The Secret of the Crystal Mountain

Xirana Oximoxi and Aneli Abeyante present an exciting story of adventure and fantasy in this artistic installation at La Maison d’Aneli.

La Maison d’Aneli has housed several amazing installations in the past, the most recent one being KHAOS by Cherry Manga and Jadeyu Fhang. Now, as the month of April begins, another unique installation has made this gallery its home.

The Secret of the Crystal Mountain” is an artistic story installation by two well-known personalities in the Second Life art world, Xirana Oximoxi and Aneli Abeyante. It is a tale of perseverance, adventure and the triumph of good over evil, that is presented to us through a delightful combination of text and comic art.

Apart from being an incredible artist, Xirana is also a fantastic writer of children’s stories in RL, popularly known by her RL name, Nuria Vives. With her captivating text and fascinating illustrations, she brings one of her own tales to the virtual world through this installation. Xirana is assisted in this venture by Aneli Abeyante, the owner and curator of La Maison d’Aneli, who does a superb job of supplementing Xirana’s story with suitable decor.

The story focuses on Isantim and his family of hippos, who become worried when it doesn’t rain in a long time and the flow of their river starts decreasing every day. Searching for an answer, they undertake an expedition to the top of the Crystal Mountain to talk to the clouds and ask them why it wasn’t raining.

The rest of the narrative follows them on their quest for answers and through the challenges they face along the way. The story plays out in five scenes, each of which is set in an independent skybox. After walking through each scene, a Teleporter behind a small door takes you to the next scene.

The expressive images of the hippos and the rest of the characters along with Xirana’s words take us on an unforgettable journey through this fictional world. Although the story is written for children, I think the underlying message of the story is something all of us can take away from the story. It speaks of co-existence and peace – to “Live and Let Live“.

Aneli has really taken extraordinary efforts to design the surroundings to suit Xirana’s story. The setup is well-organized and makes the narrative really easy for the visitor to follow. The entire installation feels like a 3D version of a comic book and is rather exciting for anyone who loves stories.

While enjoying the installation thoroughly, I also got a bit nostalgic for the times I used to devour comics like these. It takes you back to your childhood and helps you remember all the beautiful, innocent tales you read or heard as a kid.

If you are someone who loves reading or listening to stories, you should make your way to La Maison d’Aneli and find out “The Secret of the Crystal Mountain“.

Click HERE to visit “The Secret of the Crystal Mountain” inworld and unravel its mysteries.

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