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La Vallée : In the Lap of the Mighty Alps

Explore the unspoiled beauty of a small village surrounded by snow-clad Alpine peaks at La Vallée, which also has a photo contest with some really exciting prizes.

La Vallée is a build inspired by the beauty and grandeur of the Alps. Once the snow has melted away and greenery returns to the Alpine valleys, the sight is nothing short of breathtaking. This incredible build of a small, hilltop village in the Alps where time stands still will really fascinate you with the awe-inspiring landscape it presents.

The Alps, especially in Switzerland, are characterized by the numerous trains which run through their meandering valleys. Thus, it is not surprising that on arrival at La Vallée that we land at a train station, much like we would at a real Alpine village. The surrounding vistas of snowclad Alpine peaks are simply incredible.

To get the best experience from your visit to La Vallée, it is recommended that you use the highest possible draw distance you can manage (at least 256, in my opinion) so that you will be able to see the whole range of mountains surrounding you.

The Alps are dotted with numerous beautiful lakes; the water in these lakes is crystal clear and more pure compared to other lakes at lower altitudes. One such Alpine lake surrounds this pristine village. We also see an island in the lake with an ancient structure from the days of the past still reining tall and dominating over it.

On the other side, we can see steps leading up to the main village. Apart from a stroll through this beautiful village, you can also explore some scenic trails and discover many tranquil spots to spend a quiet moment by yourself or with your partner.

The beauty of the Alps is never complete without its flora and fauna. Wildflowers in various colors grow all over this spectacular landscape, adding to its beauty. Wandering the small trails which wind through La Vallée, one can spot some characteristic animal species found in the Alps like deer, foxes and goats among others.

And yes… La Vallée has a photo contest of its own for all the photography enthusiasts out there with a prize of L$50,000 for the winner!

Read more about the Landscapes Unlimited May 2021 Photo Contest HERE

Click HERE to visit La Vallée inworld and be mesmerized by its unmatched beauty.

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