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The Legend of Noah’s Ark at Ambiance Hideaway

Explore this incredible region designed by Yoyo Collas and relive an iconic, legendary tale in the virtual world at Ambiance Hideaway

We are all familiar with the story of Noah’s Ark, the vessel built by Noah on God’s instructions to spare him and his family along with specimens of all animals on the earth from a gigantic flood that destroyed the rest of the world. The story, originally stemming from the Book of Genesis, has continued to fascinate people for centuries and is one of the most popular stories in the world. The Ark of Noah has been shrouded in myths and legends throughout the course of history and believers continue to search for it even in the present day.

Regardless of whether one chooses to believe in it or not, the power of this tale is such that it has continued to fascinate generations of people.

Yoyo Collas has visualized and created one of the most iconic moments from this story of Noah’s Ark in the virtual world at Ambiance Hideaway. The build is quite remarkable and magnificent as it depicts a large throng of animals of every possible species walking towards the Ark to board it.

We can see animals emerging from the surrounding forest, all heading towards Noah’s Ark. Elephants, camels, giraffes, lions, tigers, deer, rhinos, horses and many other species of animals can be seen walking in complete peace and harmony with each other towards the vessel that will save them from the deluge. Predators and their prey can be seen walking shoulder to shoulder motivated by just one thing – survival.

Just before the entrance of the mighty Ark, we see a small stream of water flowing by. A few elephants are standing next to the stream and spraying all the animals with water using their trunks. One can not help but draw similarities to our hands being sanitized before we are let into most places in the current scenario.

This kind of peaceful co-operation between the animals in the face of disaster is really heart-warming to see and perhaps there is a lesson we can all take away from this. Even though these animals are constantly at war with each other, they still stand together when it comes to their survival.

Along with the huge gathering of animals, if we turn our gaze skywards, we can also see huge flocks of birds circling the Ark. We notice that the weather is quite pleasant, almost like the calm before the storm – the flood that will engulf the world.

Walk through the large hordes of animals, take pictures to your heart’s content or just enjoy the charming biodiversity of the earth. You might come across a few animals or birds which you have not seen before and add to your knowledge base. This is truly one of the largest collections of animals I have come across in Second Life.

After spending some time outside, you can start walking towards the entrance of the wooden Ark. Upon entering into the mammoth structure, you will see that some animals have already made their way inside. A colony of ants is seen on the floor while a snake slithers in the hay next to them. In their own separate enclosures, we find a few elephants, a couple of wild buffalos and many other animals. The far end of the Ark houses a number of bird species like vultures, ducks, willows, flamingos and many more.

A small set of stairs leads down to the lowermost level of the ark which has the amenities needed for Noah and his family including beds, baths, food grains, logs of wood and fodder for animals. One can explore the different levels of the Ark, each host to a distinct set of animals. The topmost level is perhaps the roof of the Ark where you can find a couple of monkeys sitting by themselves. From here, one can get an excellent view of the entire region.

Ambiance Hideaway is located on a homestead region and hence the lag here is not noticeable at all even after ramping up the Graphics to Ultra. A quick tip to get the best experience (this is written on a board near the landing point) out of this region would be to increase your Draw Distance to around 400 meters, so that the mountains in the distance don’t disappear in parts as you move around.

One of the most exciting things to do while you are here is to ride an Eagle – yes, you read that right! A tree trunk with a Koala clinging to it (shown above) doubles up as a rezzer for the eagles. Once the eagle appears, sit on it and soar towards the heavens!

Get an Eagle’s-Eye view (literally!) of the fascinating exodus of animals, fly through a flock of birds and feel adrenaline pumping through your veins as you rise above the the Ark gracefully.

Yoyo Collas has come up with another excellent build at Ambiance Hideaway which nature lovers will hold close to their heart. The concept and sim design is incredible and provides ample opportunities for photography.

Click HERE to visit this outstanding reproduction of Noah’s Ark in the virtual space at Ambiance Hideaway.

Ambiance Hideaway can also be found on FACEBOOK.

You can share your pics taken at Ambiance Hideaway on their FLICKR group.

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