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LIDO : An Art Unbound Popup Gallery

Located inside an old fishing shack, the latest popup gallery from Art Unbound is able to blend the art with the surroundings perfectly, thus enhancing the beauty of both.

Art Unbound” is a concept promoted in SL by Cate Infinity and Fenella Allen, which centers around the idea that art need not always be housed in a gallery or a defined space for it. Sometimes, even in unexpected places, art can have a profound effect on the viewer. This central theme resulted in popup galleries which they organize once in a while at different places around the grid, where you would not generally expect to see art.

This time the venue for their latest popup gallery is an old fishing shack on the Tranquility Dreams region, which has been converted by them into an endearing gallery that features artwork from 13 different artists. Being set in a tranquil environment on a scenic beach gives the gallery a very casual vibe, making it completely different from any others you may have visited in the past.

Art Unbound Popup Gallery – Tranquility Dreams

The concept of a popup gallery is very similar to an artistic occupation or invasion, where an artist is invited to cover a particular space with their art, which transforms the surroundings and helps visitors see the location through a completely different perspective. The Art Unbound popup gallery is much like an artistic invasion of an old fishing shack in Tranquility Dreams that has managed to transform it into something truly beautiful.

The gallery itself is divided into two parts – one being inside the shack itself and another on a platform in the sky, which can be accessed by a teleporter. Inside the shack, one can find 2D art by some well-known artists like Gitu Aura, Vanessa Jane, Jaelle Faerye among others. We can also see in here, a couple of works by Cate herself.

Since this is a fishing shack, it is only appropriate that everything inside is related to the sea. Most of the art has references or connections to water, the sea or aquatic life. The art, loaned from the Limoncello Art Collection, has been carefully curated by Cate and Fenella, so that not a single piece in the exhibit feels out of place.

Art Unbound Popup Gallery – Tranquility Dreams

Inside the fishing shack, now doubling as a gallery, visitors will find a door with a plate on it that says “More Art Here“. A single click will open the door to reveal a portal which takes us up to the platform where you can enjoy sculptures and 3D art from some incredible artists in SL. Mermaids, sea shells and other forms of aquatic life form the focus of these artworks, set in a suitable environment which adds to the viewing experience.

A visit to the latest Art Unbound Popup Gallery at Tranquility Dreams, open from July 17th to August 7th, will provide you with an opportunity to enjoy artwork in natural surroundings and a chance to explore a new scenic location.


  1. Art Unbound Popup Gallery – Tranquility Dreams

Opening Party on Saturday July 17th, 2021 at 7pm SLT with performances by Manx Wharton and DJ Vivienne Dufau

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