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Life Light : A New Exhibit at the Carbone Studio

Milena Carbone explores the intertwined relationship between life and light and also contemplates on the purpose of existence through a new series of works.

Milena Carbone definitely ranks among one of my favorite artists who use the Second Life virtual world as a medium to foster and mold their creativity. It is not just her art which makes her a great artist; the thought process that goes behind creating her exhibitions and the importance given to small details in her presentation makes a world of difference.

The way Milena approaches each exhibition is very different and it reflects in the way she presents her work. Her gallery, the Carbone Gallery, recently underwent a renovation and got a new look and rebranding as the Carbone Studio. Her personal gallery is a part of this studio complex, which also includes a rehearsal studio for Milena’s latest ventures in the field of dance.

Life Light” by Milena Carbone – The Carbone Studio

The new space for her personal art, which will be hosting monthly exhibitions, features a single room divided into two parts, mainly by virtue of the difference in ambiance created there. While one half houses artwork and is designed as a gallery, the other half takes the form of an indoor Zen garden, which offers some meditation spaces as a quiet retreat, where one can listen to the ambient sounds and relax.

A new exhibit by Milena opened this week at this art space in the Carbone Studio. Titled “Life Light“, the exhibition features nine stunning pieces of art by Milena herself, in the new style she has been developing since last year. While these pieces might be completely different from what Milena used to create in the past, the simplicity and the minimalism in these works is something to be appreciated.

Just the clarity of thought that is needed to express yourself using nothing more than a human figure and a few other objects is something which is extremely difficult. Through her art, Milena achieves a twofold objective of creating work that is not only easy to digest but also clearly communicates with her audience.

Life Light” by Milena Carbone – The Carbone Studio

To get the best viewing experience from this exhibit, it is important for visitors to get their settings right. Milena recommends use of Shared Environment (World -> Environment -> Use Shared Environment) and Advanced Lighting Model (in Preferences -> Graphics). It is further recommended to set Shadows -> Sun/Moon + Projector. Milena also includes a small board on one of the walls, which will give you a folder with information about the settings you need to ensure you have set right.

The introductory words to her exhibition serve as only further evidence of the clarity in Milena’s thought process.

Light and life are two strangely intertwined mysteries.

Beginning with these words, Milena goes on to describe the strange way in which light was born out of apparent nothingness and then gave birth to the first living creatures, who eventually evolved to reach a stage where they could have sharp thoughts, brilliant ideas, appreciate beauty and art, and even fall in love. Thus, they became observers and documenters of the world which created them.

But why is there something rather than nothing?

Life Light” by Milena Carbone – The Carbone Studio

Each image in Milena’s exhibition offers gratitude for being alive, having been generated from nothingness – a cold, absolutely dark womb. The exhibition, as a whole, prompts viewers to think about existence, the process that prompted it and eventually about whether we are really fulfilling what could possibly be our only purpose in life – to love ourselves and to enjoy and be fascinated by the many wonders of nature which have all, like us, sprung forth from a barren emptiness.

An immersive experience coupled with some rather fascinating minimalist works, all with the artistic touch of Milena Carbone, makes “Life Light” an extremely engaging and thoroughly enjoyable exhibition to view.


  1. Life Light – The Carbone Studio

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