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Lollipop : A Fun-Filled Frolic

The latest build by Cica Ghost takes you back once again to the best days of your childhood, providing an interactive environment to play, wander, dance and even change in ways you can only imagine.

Cica Ghost’s builds almost always manage to bring a smile to my face. Her quirky, funny characters, their eyes flitting left and right at intervals just win my heart each time around. So whenever I hear of a new build by Cica, I make sure to land there as soon as possible. Lollipop is Cica’s latest build for the month of August which presumably derives its name from the free gift that Cica offers for all visitors – a huge lollipop stick which you can carry around the region with you as you explore to relive your childhood memories.

Before setting out to explore this build, as with all of Cica’s builds, there are some settings which you need to set in your viewer:

  1. Advanced Lighting Model ON

  2. Shadows -> Sun/Moon + Projectors

Once you have ensured that you have them set right, you are ready to explore Cica’s fairytale universe of Lollipop.

Unlike her previous build, Summer Day, Cica Ghost deviates from reality towards the world of childhood fantasies and dreams. Embracing the soft beauty of pastel colors, Cica has created a world that will brighten up your day as it takes you back to some of the fondest memories from your childhood.

This build happens to be much more interactive than Summer Day with Cica giving us the ability to change colors of most characters such as the lazy catfish, the dancing mice, her grumpy looking frog and the rather cute dinos. The green hand-drawn grass that is usually seen in her builds has been replaced by flowers in various colors.

You will get a free lollipop at the base of Cica’s lollipop machine which produces them and adds them to a pile every few seconds. It is really fun to explore this build by adding the lollipop to your avi who will hold it up similar to a protest board (perhaps protesting against our lost childhood?).

While most of the build is situated at ground level, there are some steep hills which can be climbed using the animation on the tall ladders which rest against them. The hilltops often contain one of Cica’s characteristic houses and some chairs with quirky animations. They provide a perfect vantage point as well as some interesting photo opportunities.

At the center of a build is a small clearing with a group of four mice dancing to the tunes as a fifth one holds up a lollipop which Cica has converted into a dance machine. Try out the tap dances in the machine with your group of friends for some real fun. At the northern end of Lollipop is a small town built completely over water and guarded by three serpent-like creatures (which are rather cute-looking and funny). Is it a nod to the Loch Ness Monster?

Near this town, a small distance away to the east and hidden behind a hill is Cica’s small shop where you can buy any of the mice you see within this build or even her grumpy frog. One of the fun experiences at Lollipop is a ride aboard one of Cica’s flying cabins. These flying cabins follow a scheduled route, stopping at some of the hills as they complete a circle over the region. A ride on one of these is highly recommended to get a unique birds-eye view of the region.

Lollipop by Cica Ghost is a fun-filled adventure that takes you back to the best days of your childhood, helping you relive the times when the world was full of wonder and fantasy. It truly lives up to the one-liner Cica attaches to this build, reminding of us what we sometimes tend to forget in the hassle of daily life: “Happiness is enjoying the little things in your life.


  1. Lollipop by Cica Ghost – Luna Sea

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