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Lost Unicorn Gallery : Fantasy, Art and a Touch of Magic

The Lost Unicorn Gallery, dedicated to the fantasy genre in SL art, is back in a new revamped form that retains and expands upon the beauty and grandeur of the original.

The Lost Unicorn Gallery has always been one of the finest places in Second Life for art lovers to explore the fantasy genre in SL photographic art. Owned by Natalie Starlight, it closed down earlier this year for renovation much to the dismay of many followers. However, it has come back bigger and better with a slightly different structure but with an equally fascinating atmosphere.

As you land at Lost Unicorn, one of the things you immediately notice is the absence of a dragon – the one which was curled around the gallery as if seemingly protecting it from hostile invaders. The atmosphere and environment is very similar to the previous gallery consisting of a pale blue mist which hangs in the air at all times.

The Central Foyer at the Lost Unicorn Gallery

Much of the level we enter the gallery at (let’s call it the first floor) is occupied currently by landscape photographs created at the Lost Unicorn sim itself by various prominent artists like Awesome Fallen, Syn Huntress, Doddy, Alsatian Kidd, Michiel Bechir and Tresore Prada Hawkins among others.

The central foyer is just a single story with an incredibly high ceiling that gives it a sense of grandeur and elegance; however it is flanked by two wings on the side, aptly named the East and West Wings depending on the direction in which they are located. Both wings have their own winding staircase which will enable you to reach higher levels, focusing on the works of individual artists.

Lost Unicorn Dramscapes – Level One, East Wing

The second floor in the east wing houses artwork by Sugah Pancake, Meriluu Lumoss and Tresore Prada Hawkins, while the third floor focuses on art by Oso and Gossamerstar. Tresore’s exhibition is set in a small room accessible directly from the staircase winding up on the eastern side of the central foyer. Her dreamy natural landscapes are captivating, to say the least. From here, another door leads us to the next room (much bigger than the earlier one) which is shared by Sugah and Meriluu’s art. It is interesting to see how these two artists have approached the same genre from their own unique perspectives, with Sugah focusing more upon character building while Meriluu tends to emphasize on the creation of a scene.

From here, another winding climb takes us up to the third and final floor in the castle. We emerge into a room, where the art of Oso adorns the walls. Oso’s art is characterized by his bizarre and sometimes even humorous scene setups. All of it is very much engaging and a true delight to view. Towards the other end of the room, a small gap between the walls opens out onto a high terrace of the castle. From here, one can access the last room of the East Wing, where the enchanting art of Gossamerstar shines in all its glory.

Gossamerstar – Lost Unicorn Gallery

One of the features to note about this castle gallery is that the two wings are not really symmetrical. While the exhibits in the East Wing are housed in rooms, largely hidden from the central foyer, this is not the case with the West Wing. Some of the exhibits can be viewed directly from the foyer while others are more closeted into rooms.

As we climb the winding set of stairs up to the second level form the foyer, we are greeted by the work of artist Hilaire Beaumont. Hilaire is a master storyteller and grabs our attention immediately with his extremely vivid scenery and characters. Towards the northern side of the wing, the dreamy landscapes of artist Igielka are equally engaging. From here, a narrow passageway leads to a small chamber colored in shades of blue. Here, Taboo’s stunning imagery is sure to leave you fascinated.

Cybele Moon – Lost Unicorn Gallery

Just before the blue room, a winding staircase will take you up to the final level in the West Wing. Here, the room is filled with imagery by artist Cybele Moon which focuses upon the micro-universe that exists all around us and which is a fantastical little world by itself.

When you are done with exploring the gallery, cross the small bridge outside the entrance and proceed to explore the rest of the region, which is a true delight for fantasy photographers. This is simply the first month of this revamped version of the gallery and we have no doubt that the Lost Unicorn Gallery will continue bringing more fantasy photographers and artists into the spotlight as it always has, thus helping keep art and magic alive in Second Life.


  1. Lost Unicorn Gallery – Lost Unicorn Gallery

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