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  • Frank Atisso

The Magic of Deer River in Spring

Deer River Spring captures the mood of the season beautifully, while providing endless opportunities for photography and exploration.

We covered the region of Deer River on our blog last Fall season (see article HERE). The colors of Fall and the beauty of the season was reflected really well into this incredible build perfect for a day trip with friends or a date with your lover. Hence, it was no surprise that when I heard Kess Smith (kess.crystal) had revamped the region for Spring, I set out to explore this region, which serves as a tranquil retreat in the midst of nature.

Deer River is, of course, incomplete without its thriving population of deer (doesn't take a genius to guess). Deer of all kinds are found spread out though this region, sometimes with a fawn and at other times, without.

The layout of this region, while not radically different from its previous version, does differ in several key aspects. The fallen leaves of Autumn, for example, have now been replaced by beautiful beds of yellow flowers, which are a sight to behold. Deer River, which is the river cutting through the heart of the region, has now grown wider (I might be wrong) and is now rich with aquatic life such as fish, which are seen jumping out of the water at places.

Another radical change at Deer River is the presence of Mongolian yurts, portable round tents, which can be seen at places throughout the build. In fact, at the southern end of the region, you can find two fully furnished yurts which can be rented here on a daily basis at L$250/day!

You can simply walk around the region or use the horse rezzer available at the landing point to explore the scenic beauty of the region. While some of the areas such as the seafood market, the farmer's market and the waterfalls are similar to those found in the previous build, the small stage, along with two yurts related to art and zen which flank it, are new features of this region.

Deer River Spring is a region of unspeakable beauty with a number of beautiful spots for couples to find some solace. Along with horseback riding, one can also find a number of places to click some amazing pictures in this region.

And if you feel like you want to stay here a bit longer than usual, go to the southern end and look for one of the two yurts available for rent here!



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