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The Magical World of Black Kite

A breathtaking landscape coupled with a touch of magic makes Black Kite an incredible place to explore.

In the virtual space, many of us are always on the lookout for regions or spaces one can never hope to see in the physical world. Floating islands, flying fish, mystical mountains, magical creatures – they all spark our interest as they offer us something we can never get to experience in our life outside the virtual space. Black Kite is one such region.

Presenting itself as a seemingly never-ending expanse of water with trees, boardwalks and even some buildings jutting out of it, this region will leave you fascinated with its unique landscape created by Cloudy (black cloud). Black Kite has existed for several years, undergoing several changes over the course of time but always sticking to its central theme. The region has a 60-minute auto-return system, making it extremely friendly for bloggers and photographers.

A grid of boardwalks spans a big part of the region; however, in Black Kite, one can walk easily through the shallow water as well. As you explore the region, you will come across some really bizarre and strange things, which will surely bring a quizzical smile to your face and fill your mind with wonder and awe.

Trees which grow out of the water, grass floating on the water and hazy, magical butterflies flying around are just some of the incredible things you will be able to see at Black Kite. Towards the eastern side of the region, you can find The Sweetest Spot, a cake shop, partially submerged in the water with some delicious-looking cakes on the table inside.

Couples can find some beds and beanbags floating on the water at some places to spend some romantic time with their partners in this magical environment. “Go Fly a Kite!” reads the region description, but Black Kite is more than welcoming of all visitors.

There is just one place in the whole region that is private and barred off to visitors; it is a small parcel in the North-East corner of the sim which happens to be the residence of creator Cloudy. Apart from this, visitors can explore the rest of the region to their heart’s content and take as many pictures as they want.

Black Kite is a world which feels like a surreal mix of fact and fantasy – and therein lies its beauty. It is a region that has everything anyone looking for new places would want – an incredible landscape, quiet spots and a friendly atmosphere.

Black Kite will give you an unforgettable experience in a unique environment. Click HERE to visit this region inworld.

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