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Manhattan Reimagined by Duna Gant and Cuirec d’Erc

Enjoy the dazzling lights and skyscrapers of New York City as you visit this stunning installation at the Love and Love Art Gallery

It is often said that if Paris is the city of light, New York is the city of lights. And it is true. Step into Manhattan and you will be overwhelmed by the number of lights and sounds that you are faced with. HIDs, LEDs, halogen lamps, expensive spotlights – lights of all sorts are found in the heart of Manhattan.

In her latest installation at the Love & Love Art Gallery, Duna Gant has re-created the city of New York, more specifically Manhattan, the way she saw it on her trip there. I am sure anyone who has visited or lives there will be able to instantly connect with Duna’s view of this great city and enjoy the lights and sounds within this experiential installation.

Manhattan by Duna Gant and Cuirec d’Erc – Love & Love Art Gallery

We land inside a Subway station, below the mighty skyscrapers and busy streets of Manhattan. Anyone who has been to the city knows that the Subway system is the lifeline of the city. Without it, most of the city would stop functioning. Hence, it is only appropriate that we begin our journey here.

The station itself appears to be empty, but if we look at the walls, we see silhouettes of people moving mechanically in one direction. For anyone who has experienced this, they will be able to connect to the rush hour crowds which throng the station, mechanically going about their daily routine. Everything in the city is about speed and time is often more valuable than money. Duna has also managed to give us the experience of watching a train fly by without stopping, another significant nod to the speed of the city.

Manhattan by Duna Gant and Cuirec d’Erc – Love & Love Art Gallery

Exit the station by going up any staircase and you will find yourself in a world of dazzling lights and atmospheric sounds. Tall skyscrapers rise high above to meet the sky while the ground is flooded in a sea of bright lights of all colors. Trees, greenery and nature, although present, are obscured by the lights and activity of this city that never sleeps.

To display the spirit of Manhattan and bring it alive, Duna Gant uses over 1000 lights she created specifically for this installation at Love & Love Art Gallery. The lights make the experience of wandering through Duna Gant’s Manhattan even more special. But like every city, Manhattan is not all about lights and glamour – there are negative aspects to it too.

Manhattan by Duna Gant and Cuirec d’Erc – Love & Love Art Gallery

Chimneys letting out smoke symbolize the pollution created in the city, not just coming from factories and industries but also from the traffic. Through her installation, Duna also reminds us that all the dazzling lights and the glamour of this city comes at a price. A price paid by the environment which in turn affects us all. So perhaps it is time we dim the lights a bit and give trees and nature a bit more space?

Cuirec d’Erc provides the sounds for this installation and they provide a wonderful backdrop to view Manhattan on. Cuirec has created more than 100 sounds specifically for this stunning installation by Duna Gant at the Love & Love Art Gallery. Wandering around “Manhattan” by Duna Gant, together with the sounds provided by Cuirec is an immersive experience and one which visitors will surely enjoy.


  1. Manhattan – Love & Love Art Gallery

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