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The Many Shades of Inara Pey at the NovaOwl Gallery

Exploring the diverse shades of Inara Pey's photography in a picturesque gallery with a casual, friendly vibe, making it perfect as a hangout spot with your friends.

When it comes to destination blogging, Inara Pey is one of the first names that comes to mind not only because of her unmatched consistency with which she has persisted for over ten years with her blog Living in a Modem World but also because of the great destinations, photogenic sims and art exhibitions she introduces her readers to.

Her words are an absolute delight to read and the photographs she takes at any location she visits and reviews in her blog have a quality that gives you a very real feeling of being at the location captured already. Each of her images is like a small teaser of the location she reviews.

At the NovaOwl Gallery, owned by Ulli Jansma and curated by Owl Dragonash, Inara exhibits a select few images of the beautiful world of Second Life, which she has captured in her lens over the years.

The NovaOwl Gallery is a relatively new addition to the art world of Second Life, having opened just a few months ago, but it has already started garnering popularity and received appreciation from art lovers all over.

There is a feeling of homeliness here and a casual vibe that makes it very different from any other galleries in the art world. Outside the gallery lies a cafe, a bar and some tables with games you can play with your friends, all of it making the NovaOwl Gallery a great location for a hangout as well.

"The Many Shades of Pey" is the title of Inara's exhibition here and it describes the work exhibited perfectly. Each photograph we take gives out a feeling, an emotion that was perhaps felt by the photographer in the photographed location. This exhibition showcases the diverse range of landscapes that Inara has captured.

Whether it is the quirky hobbit homes of The Shire with a touch of fantasy or the Eiffel Tower from Paris for Ara, a very realistic location, Inara beautifully composes each image and brings to life a different world in each of them.

In some cases, she chooses to shoot in the grayscale (Winter's Arch) to enhance the coldness of the location while in others, a minimalist image of boats in the water at Crystal Garden Estates creates a beautiful composition.

One of the images which is different from all others is perhaps "The Chequered Battlefield". It utilizes the depth of field feature in Second Life beautifully to create a unique perspective on a large scale chessboard.

"The Many Shades of Pey" is a rare exhibition from one of the best destination bloggers in Second Life - Inara Pey - and depicts the beauty and creativity of Second Life residents through Inara's aesthetic framing and brilliant photography.


Make sure you check out Inara's blog - Living in a Modem World

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