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The Mesmerizing Landscapes of Geoff Quinnell at Artful Expressions Gallery

A new gallery and a new artist - check out this fascinating exhibition, which showcases the artistic landscapes of some really beautiful regions in Second Life.

The Artful Expressions Gallery, owned by Sorcha Tyles (who is a wonderful photographer herself), sits in a small, cozy building with a cute coffee shop attached with it. This quaint, little gallery has a very homely atmosphere about it, which makes it a delightful place to visit.

Geoff Quinnell, the artist showcasing some brilliant work here, is someone whose FLICKR feed I have followed for a while. His landscapes are well-composed, evocative of different moods and have an almost painting-like quality, which makes them even more beautiful to gaze at. "Under the Same Sky", his exhibit at the Artful Expressions Gallery, marks his entrance into the world of art in Second Life.

Consisting of nine landscapes presented in a single room, his exhibition is a grand display of the beauty that is present within Second Life landscapes. You will probably recognize some of these destinations from your personal explorations and then realize how well Geoff has managed to incorporate the essence of the location while simultaneously inserting his own personal touch into every picture.

Whether it is the beautiful countryside in Rockmead Pond or the serenity of the ocean in Dolphin Rocks, there is an individuality to every photograph. While the sky, as the name says, is a constant in each piece, the tints, the shades and the general scenery present within the frame, make every image completely different.

Even those who are avid explorers of the virtual world will find this exhibition really of great interest as well. Touching the board to your left as soon as you enter the gallery will give you a Notecard with all the links to the beautiful locations Geoff has photographed in the images. You might find your next favorite spot here!

The Artful Expressions Gallery is set in a serene location with a very friendly, warm atmosphere. While it is not a huge gallery, it is the coziness of the setting which makes it special. To discover the incredible landscape photography of a talented, new artist, visit this new location soon!



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