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Metamorphoses - Milena's Creative Dialogue with an AI

Milena Carbone asked the MidJourney AI to interpret some of her previous work created in Second Life. See the results in the form of a fascinating exhibition at the Carbone Studio!

For the unversed, MidJourney is a new AI-powered tool that is revolutionizing the world of art and graphic design to a great extent. Even some of the most amazing digital artists have started using it to fuel their imaginations and take concepts forward. MidJourney generates artwork out of thin air based upon the instructions or keywords suggested by the user. The user then has an option to fiddle around and try out different variations or slightly modify the keywords to generate images closer to what they have visualized.

This text-to-image concept is fascinating and is something which is surely going to revolutionize the art scene in the coming days and years. While still in its beta version, MidJourney is already generating some breathtaking art and Milena Carbone, in her latest exhibition at The Carbone Studio, creates art as the result of her creative dialogue with this AI on the Discord server through which it operates.

The title of her exhibition is "Metamorphoses", which means a change from one form to another; and this is exactly what Milena and MidJourney have accomplished together. In each of the twelve pieces she presents in this exhibition, the base image has been one of her past works, which MidJourney then transforms, based on suggestions provided to it by Milena.

Milena says, in the introduction to her exhibit:

"This is my first collective exhibition with a deep dreamer. The result is a metamorphosis of my creations in SL. A change of state. A flight into a more complex world. The startling revelation of hidden meanings and emotions behind my own work"

The introduction of MidJourney to the world of art has raised a number of questions, the foremost of them being... is MidJourney an artist or a machine? Milena argues that it is neither. It is a mirror, which uses our inputs to create images and can be manipulated to the degree we want.

Milena's exhibition - "Metamorphoses" - is perhaps the first by an artist in Second Life to feature art, that was created by transforming their original work into something completely different with the help of an AI. In her exhibition, you can also find the keywords and phrases she fed to MidJourney to effect metamorphosis.

We definitely recommend a visit to the Carbone Studio this week to see the incredible fruits born from the collaboration between a human artist and an AI.


Do you want to try out MidJourney? Follow the link HERE and be amazed!


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