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Milena Carbone's INTROSPECTIVE Exhibition at the Kondor Art Square

Check out this incredible exhibition of 2D art at the Kondor Art Square to get a brief glimpse of artist Milena Carbone's exhibitions over the past two and a half years while introspecting on some thought-provoking questions.

At the Kondor Art Square, Milena Carbone currently presents a series of her past works, each from a different exhibition, which comes together beautifully in a display that is rather fascinating both in the transformative journey it symbolizes and the deep questions it poses.

"Retrospective" is often the term given to an artist's collection of their previous works, which reflect their artistic journey and transformation through the years. However, Milena calls this exhibition "Introspective" because of her nature, which brings her to question herself in the context of her journey over the past three years in Second Life.

Milena has selected her most important exhibitions (which are almost all of them) and displayed the image from each with which she could relate the most today. Alongside each, she has also written down snippets of text which came from the depths of her heart.

In her introduction to this exhibition, Milena explains:

"Today is Sunday - if I had written these texts yesterday or tomorrow, they would have been different."

The exhibitions featuring here at the Kondor Art Square have been at various galleries and exhibit spaces in Second Life and range over a two and a half year period beginning from November 2019 and culminating in her latest exhibition "Masks" at the Carbone Studio in May 2022.

This display shows a dramatic transformation in Milena's art style over the course of these years, which we have seen once previously in Untitled, her exhibition at Noir'Wen City, through the collection of her group gifts.

As she looks back at her past exhibitions, Milena is posed with some questions and it is these that forms the subject of introspection in this exhibit. If you have been following Milena's past exhibits, these questions often appear as a recurrent theme in some form or another throughout.

  • What is the point of creating in Second Life?

  • When will we stop fighting against love?

  • Is it our ignorance that makes us the loudest living species on the planet?

Milena's words and the questions they pose will linger in your head for a long time after leaving the exhibit space.

Kondor Art Collection

Powerful imagery, expressive words and the intricate thought process used by Milena makes a visit to "Introspective" at the Kondor Art Square deeply engaging. An added bonus is, of course, a new set of images in the Kondor Art Collection this month!


Opening TODAY (June 15th, 2022) 12 pm SLT with a dance performance by Lalitha Carbone and music by DJ Mrs Beerbaum


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