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Milena Carbone - Paroxysm, Fury and Apocalypse

Artist Milena Carbone's trilogy of art exhibitions at three different locations inworld is a tribute to the Ukrainian defenders of democracy in Europe.

On February 24th, 2022, as Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine, Europe was once again thrown amidst a fog of war. The war, death and destruction that we have witnessed in the two weeks which followed has been nothing like Europe has seen since the Second World War.

Milena is a virtual world artist who hails from France, a country which is no stranger to the horrors of both previous World Wars. However, this is also a place which has enriched the cultural heritage of Europe by producing countless artists, poets, sculptors, dancers and writers.

All pieces which are included in these exhibitions are available to visitors completely free of cost.


On Sunday, February 27th, 2022, Milena woke up with a terrible headache. For several days and nights she had been anxiously looking for information on TV channels and the internet about the events in Ukraine. Feeling an irrepressible need to express her feelings an emotions, Milena created the first exhibition of her trilogy - "Paroxysm" - in just a single day at The Carbone Studio. Consisting of six stunning pieces of art created as a reaction to the horrific war and which attempt to express whatever was boiling inside her mind, this exhibition is incredibly touching and fierce in its approach while simultaneously dreaming of a courageous, generous, cooperative and intelligent generation to come that will take Europe on the Path of Enlightenment, away from the dead end which a few madmen have led us into.


The second part of Milena's trilogy came a few days later as Russian troops, frustrated with the way their invasion was going, started raining down missiles, bombs and shells on Ukrainian cities. Schools, residential areas, hospitals and even nuclear power plants came under fire, resulting in countless civilians losing their lives.

"Why is the Russian army doing this?" is the obvious question which comes to your mind. The answer can be seen in Russia's previous military operations, especially the ones in Syria. Experts now claim that the military operations in Syria were sort of a "rehearsal" for what was to come in Europe. This brutalist way is the only way the Russian army knows.

As the war reached the civilian population of Ukraine, Milena's next exhibition FURY is exhibited within the residential community of Calypso Bay. The exhibition is directly addressed to the Russian people, calling upon them to do everything within their power to stop this madness. Russia has always been a land of culture and opportunity for the generation who wasn't there to witness the Cold War or the fall of the Soviet Union; and Milena wishes it remains so rather than be a nation hated by one and all because of the fantasies in their politicians' minds.


This entire trilogy, although inspired by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, has been very personal to Milena. It reflected her emotions, her understanding and her reactions to the war. This is exactly what art is meant to do. It is a medium of expression like writing or poetry and Milena has been expressing herself through her work since the war began.

"Apocalypse" is a fitting conclusion to this trilogy. Housed in Dido's part of the Nitroglobus Gallery, the exhibition consists of six highly evocative pieces, which reflect the different emotions and abstract entities which were born from this destructive war. Each image is accompanied by Milena's beautiful words, which complement the artwork, enhancing its effect upon the viewer.

Visiting Milena's three exhibitions in succession is a truly incredible experience that reinforces the message of peace, something Europe and the world has forgotten in the past few weeks.

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