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Milena Carbone's Study of Masks

In this engaging exhibition within Second Life, artist Milena Carbone explores our relationship with masks, particularly those we can not see but which hide our insecurities and fears from the rest of the world.

Masks have been used since antiquity for various purposes - protection, disguise, performance, entertainment among others. In our postmodern lives, with the onset of the pandemic, one kind of mask - the surgical/sanitary mask - gained prominence and took control of our lives.

But is this the only mask we wear?

Milena Carbone, in her latest exhibition at The Carbone Studio, seeks to explore humans and our relationship with the masks we do not see but often wear. These are the masks which hide our anxieties, our fears. They are what hides the things we do not want to see and choose to ignore.

Consisting of a series of nine images set out in the minimalist design of the exhibition space, "Masks" is a rather interesting exhibition that delves into the deep pit of human emotions that lie behind the masks which often cover them.

Milena's minimalist style, which she has developed over the past several months and that uses primarily pastel shades of colors, can be prominently seen in the body of work found within this exhibition.

Each image is extremely layered and thought-provoking, thus making the viewing experience even more interesting. For example, Blind behind the Mask can also be seen as a statement about the pretentious nature of humans while Burned Out is the representation of many in today's competitive world who burn themselves out through overworking but still have to maintain a smiling face by hiding their tiredness behind a mask.

Masks by Milena Carbone is an exhibition of 2D art in Second Life that will intrigue you, engage you and leave you amazed at the creative genius of the artist.



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