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Mimmo : The Rustic Charm of the Countryside

Explore this land full of scenic beauty which offers us peace, calm and a feeling of becoming one with nature that is often missing from our daily lives.

As soon as you enter Mimmo, you are greeted by the sound of seagulls and the sight of the beautiful sea, stretching as far as the eye can see. An old wooden boat lies by the water, half-buried in the sand. The water gently brushes along its sides as gentle waves hit the coast of Mimmo. Nearby, a couple of deckchairs welcome us to sit, relax and enjoy the beauty of nature and the calmness of the scene that lies before us.

Mimmo is all about peace, tranquility and calm – things that are often missing from our lives. The pace of life here is extremely slow and a visit here should not be rushed. This is a place that needs to be not just seen, but experienced. Owned, created and managed by Elie (elise.sirnah), Mimmo has been created exclusively keeping photography and photographers in mind. Elie is not just a great sim designer but also happens to be a fascinating photographer herself (see her FLICKR). It is easy to see that her highly trained eye for aesthetics and photography helps her with the sim design as well.

The landing point at Mimmo is located between the sea, which covers most of the eastern side, and the rustic charm of the countryside that stretches out in the other direction. A path leads out towards the west, passing by an old garden shed and a little, red telephone booth, which has succumbed to the toll of nature. Walking along the path, soon you will find yourself passing a small patch of sunflowers and an old black Ram truck, which also doubles as a cozy spot for couples to find some solace in.

Not much further along, we arrive at a crossroads. The road straight ahead crosses a burbling stream that cuts through Mimmo while a stone path to the right heads towards the source of the stream – a beautiful waterfall that seemingly arises from nowhere – one of the advantages of a virtual world.

Following this stone path right brings us to an endearing garden theatre with some images of Mimmo projected on a cloth screen. A couple of loungers have been laid out for you to take a moment’s rest and enjoy the slideshow. As we continue further, soon the magnificent waterfall comes into sight and it is a place of awe-inspiring beauty.

One of the best things about Mimmo is that you can actually live here if you enjoy the location. There are a number of cottages spread out across the region which offer enough privacy to suit everyone’s needs. I especially like the fact that these cottages are not clustered up, but spread far and wide, thus giving each resident their own private space. Taking a right just before the statue of a Fallen Buddha head takes us on a descend downhill and on to one of my personal favorite cottages – the Beany cottage, which is situated on a small island connected to the mainland only by a stone pathway leading up to its door. It is a rather magical setting that makes it a dream home for most people.

Instead of the stone path, if you had chosen to take a left, that would have brought you back to the coast after passing by the remnants of a collapsed home and a rather overgrown garden shed. Eventually this path turns northwards after passing a fish shack and brings us back where we started – the landing point.

Following the path straight ahead form the crossroads and crossing the stream brings us soon to a barn which has been converted into a recreational area of sorts. It is equipped with a pool table as well as a ping pong table along with a number of spots where once can relax and chat with their group of friends, while enjoying scenic views of the lighthouse and the ocean. To the left of the lighthouse, we also see another island featuring another beautiful rental cottage which can be accessed by following a trail that leads away from the main path a short not long after crossing the bridge.

Some of the most stunning views of the sea can be found in the southern part of Mimmo from a stretch of sand between two rental cottages where one can sit for hours, just listening to the sounds of nature. The sound of the waves crashing against the sandy coast is music that soothes not just our ears, but also our souls.

Mimmo is heaven for photographers as it offers a diverse range of opportunities for photography. A small fee of L$150 allows you access to the group, thus giving you rezzing rights within the region. And if you love the region as much as I do, I am sure you will want to move into one of the beautiful cottages there right away!


  1. Mimmo – Pomerania Park

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