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Mindscapes : An Installation by Moki Yuitza

The January 2022 Exhibition at the Nitroglobus Gallery is a blend of 2D and 3D art in the form of Moki Yuitza’s stunning installation – “Mindscapes“.

Dido Haas’ Nitroglobus Gallery has hosted a number of artists ever since we started the blog last year, and we have been following them through various articles. However, the latest exhibition at the gallery is unlike any we have ever seen before because it involves a complete overhaul of the gallery and incorporates both 2D and 3D art to create an installation that will completely leave any visitor fascinated.

The artistic mind behind this installation is none other than Moki Yuitza, whose works in both 2D and 3D domains, are some of the most fascinating pieces of art you will see. Some of the best work is often created using the most basic concepts and Moki’s latest installation is a direct testament to this.

Mindscapes” by Moki Yuitza – Nitroglobus Roof Gallery

Moki believes that space is a mathematical construction in which pretty much anything can be realized as long as you are able to conceive it. The inspiration for this exhibit comes from Moki’s childhood, in which she loved to build anything that came into her head using only the colored bricks she had at her disposal.

Here, in the virtual world of Second Life, we have some bricks of our own – the simple prims in various shapes, which are the building blocks of bigger, more complex objects and which can be used to create anything on their own. These simple prims have been laid out carefully in the Nitroglobus Gallery to give substance to Moki’s mental spaces.

Mindscapes” by Moki Yuitza – Nitroglobus Roof Gallery

These “mindscapes” formed with simple prims are enhanced by the use of lights, colors and even shadows to create something truly beautiful. They are given a body and dimension by us, the avatars that move through the installation.

Moki’s 2D art, which hangs on the walls of the Nitroglobus Gallery, is largely composed of minimalist photographs of these mindscapes and a couple of avatars interacting with them, as one is often meaningless without the other. It is this interaction of humans with the environment around that lends meaning to the image.

Mindscapes” by Moki Yuitza – Nitroglobus Roof Gallery

In some cases, this interaction is more direct (“Prims” by Moki Yuitza) while at other times the human figures take on a more passive role, as in the case of “Piramide“. One of the most interesting concepts Moki has used can be found in “Sfera 2” where the hands reaching out for each other feels like a portrayal of human connection and bonding but a closer examination of the shadows cast on the sphere behind them will reveal it to be a gesture of social distancing, which has become the norm in today’s times.

Moki’s use of shadows in all her images, is something to be appreciated. She uses shadows to create a completely different picture on the ground as compared to what is in fact happening. Is this also perhaps a masked reference to the false narratives and misleading reports being generated ever-so-often in the media?

Mindscapes” by Moki Yuitza – Nitroglobus Roof Gallery

One can only speculate what Moki had in mind while she created the images, and therein lies the beauty of her work. The human, the avatar, YOU complete the installation. The glass floor of the Nitroglobus Gallery has been used effectively, so that a large part of the installation is below the glass, allowing the visitor loads of space to walk on the upper level.

Moki’s incredible 3D installation and beautifully composed imagery adds to and blends in wonderfully with the layout of the main hall of the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery. Make sure you don’t miss this one!


  1. Nitroglobus Roof Gallery – Sunshine Homestead

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