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miu miu miu’s Stamp at Nitroglobus

Visit this stunning exhibition comprising of monochromatic portraits conveying a mix of emotions and feelings, made by miu miu miu, an artist who creates for the sheer joy it gives her.

The last exhibition in Dido’s part of Nitroglobus Gallery featured an interesting exhibit – Retrospective” by Sina Souza, who had just returned to SL after a break and started creating artwork again. This time, another artist has emerged from the shadows to put up a gorgeous display on the walls of Dido’s part of the Nitroglobus Roof Gallery.

After her first exhibition at Nitroglobus in 2014, she has exhibited only twice again before this, each time amazing visitors with her simple but mesmerizing art that she takes utmost pleasure in creating. For her, the pure joy of creating artwork is the main motivation behind making it.

miu miu miu’s Stamp – Nitroglobus Gallery

The concept of the exhibition formed when Dido contacted miu this year as she had been doing several times before with miu unable to commit because of lack of inspiration and a busy RL. As miu explains in the introductory notecard, “This year I found some images in an old folder, which I had not posted or exhibited on any platform. So this time, when Dido offered me an opportunity to display these images on the walls of Nitroglobus, I was only glad to accept!

For this exhibition, miu has created portraits of COCO dolls, each one with a different pose expressing a completely different emotion. You probably have seen colorful portraits resembling art from the Victorian era as well as black and white soulful portraits created by many artists. But miu takes a very different approach.

miu miu miu’s Stamp – Nitroglobus Gallery

Most of the art seen at this exhibition has been created using different shades of the same color. These monochromatic portraits of a sort are some of the most beautiful I have seen. How does miu miu miu manage to create this magic? One answer – her love of Photoshop.

Photoshop is a creative tool that, when put to good use, can create moods, feelings and emotions within an image. And miu is more than just “good” at it. She loves to dabble in Photoshop and has been doing so for years now. The beauty of miu‘s artwork lies in the fact that the emotions and feelings expressed in every portrait are pretty much open to interpretation and would be perceived differently by every viewer.

The incredibly expressive portraits coupled with the beauty of monochromatic shades visible within miu miu miu‘s art left me amazed and in wonder at the creativity of the artist.


  1. miu miu miu’s Stamp – Nitroglobus Gallery

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