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mrs S : The Secret Life of Mannequins and Birds

The minimalist work of mrs S at Dixmix Gallery offers some quirky, humorous stories with multiple interpretations, which visitors will definitely enjoy pondering over.

Minimalism has been a long-standing fascination of mine and happens to be a genre that looks extremely simple at first glance but can be frustratingly difficult to get right. Thus, it isn’t surprising that very few artists opt to venture down this road. The minimalist works of Melusina Parkin, Duna Gant and Celestial Demon in the virtual world have been some of my favorites. However, this week, I was pleased to add another name to this list.

The Dixmix Gallery currently hosts an interesting exhibition by mrs S (lauralar), an artist whose work was unknown to me previously. Titled “The Secret Life of Mannequins and Birds“, this exhibit, housed in the Amona room, consists of ten pieces of well-composed minimalist SL photography by the artist.

The Secret Life of Mannequins and Birds” by mrs S – Dixmix Gallery

Through her work, mrs. S narrates a number of stories using mannequins and birds, some of the most interesting subjects according to her, which are open for the visitors to interpret as they like, or simply enjoy the compositions for what they are. What intrigued me was the inspiration behind this rather fascinating exhibition and that comes from mrs. S’ photography in the physical world as well as from her designing experiments in the virtual world.

For a long time now, mrs S has been designing what she calls an artists’ atelier – a house that she has worked on and perfected by adding in bits of her RL photography – and which has now become her home. Her RL photography focusing on birds, having all the hallmarks of the minimalist approach seen in her SL work, adorns the walls of her home, which is full of intricate details and small stories waiting to be interpreted.

mrs S’ Winter Retreat – Wisdim Isle

An addition to the house this winter has been a small winter retreat – a cabin that has been designed, keeping the central theme of mannequins. In her RL photography, mrs S has tried to capture the secret life of birds living in the city, which often goes unnoticed or is hidden from the view for most of us. Similarly, she sees emotions and stories waiting to be told in mannequins – a subject that has fascinated her for long.

Whether it is the slightly humorous image of a stoned cat with red eyes meeting a bird, who is offering her a bulb (perhaps to light her way in the darkness?) or that of a red dove in a necktie wearing a crown, the interpretation that can be drawn from piece of art is very wide-ranging and prompts visitors to think and dwell upon a number of things.

The Secret Life of Mannequins and Birds” by mrs S – Dixmix Gallery

Most of the props which can be seen in the images are found at various spots, either in the artists’ atelier or the winter retreat. It goes without saying that mrs S’ work has left me most impressed while the similarities and correlations one can draw between the styles of her RL and SL work are most interesting. If you are a lover of good humor, soft emotions or a minimalist style, this is an exhibition you should definitely not miss!


  1. Dixmix Gallery – Madori Bay

To visit mrs S’ artists’ atelier and winter retreat, please follow the link HERE

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