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My Reflection : Hikaru’s Thoughtful Scenes at Nitroglobus

An extremely famous virtual persona in Second Life, Hikaru Enimo-Lefevre, gives us a glimpse of the moments of reflection that are integral to his growth in his exhibition at the Nitroglobus Gallery.

Hikaru Enimo-Lefevre is well-known in the world of Second life as many things. Aside from being the Owner and Editor-in-Chief of L’Homme Magazine SL, he is also a blogger, a model, a blogger manager, a store manager and a Co-Founder of the Neo-Japan SL Event. With his latest exhibition at the Nitroglobus Gallery, he has added another one to his long list of accomplishments.

Titled “My Reflection“, this exhibition at Nitroglobus focuses on thirteen monochromatic, extremely evocative images by Hikaru. A simple glance through his FLICKR page will tell you that like most bloggers and photographers, the black and white is not something he prefers using in his usual work. The curator and owner of the Nitroglobus Gallery, Dido Haas, likes her artists to journey deep within themselves and exploring different sides of their own personality for her exhibits and I can only assume that the greyscale used by Hikaru was a direct result of these explorations.

My Reflection by Hikaru Enimo-Lefevre – Nitroglobus Gallery

Reflection, in Hikaru’s own words, is the habit of deliberately paying attention to one’s own thoughts, emotions, decisions and behaviors. This is a very important thing for individual growth as it helps you review the effectiveness of your decisions and methods, rather than just carry on doing things as you have been doing them.

In Hikaru’s case, he periodically reflects back on an event and the way it was handled, in the hope that he is able to learn something from it and endeavor to make better decisions in the future. One can say that this forms a part of his learning process and an integral part of why he is extremely successful at everything he has been doing in SL.

Photographers or artists seek to form a connection with their viewer in some manner. For some it is an emotional connection established through various ways while others evoke memories from the past to build this rapport. For Hikaru, it is his intense, reflective gaze that establishes a connection with the viewer instantly. In some images, he is lost in thought as he gazes into the distance while in others, he reflects on things accompanied by a faithful canine companion.

My Reflection by Hikaru Enimo-Lefevre – Nitroglobus Gallery

The narrative in Hikaru’s scenes is intricately crafted and in many ways, viewing this exhibition is a completely immersive experience, further enhanced by the mirrored effect of the flooring at the Nitroglobus Gallery. Sculptures by Nitro Fireguard, JadeYu Fhang, Venus Adored, Igor Ballyhoo, Harry Cover and Livio Korobase compelment the artwork beautifully with the two specters by Igor already adding a touch of the Halloween mood into the gallery.

My Reflection” is an engaging exhibition through which Hikaru shares his emotions and feelings with visitors, thus making it an experiential journey for all. The exhibit will be open throughout the month of October at the Nitroglobus Gallery and a visit here comes highly recommended.


  1. My Reflection – Nitroglobus Gallery

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