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Nekomachi Street : Welcome to Cat City

Explore an urban Japanese market on a sky platform over Tonarino containing delightful scenes created with the help of animated cats.

Nekomachi, originally a Japanese word that literally translates to “cat city” in English, is exactly that. Located on a sky platform over the region of Tonarino, this small but adorable build has been designed by n0rik0, one of the most incredible Japanese creators in the Second Life virtual world.

What if cats ruled the world? How would the world look like?

You can experience it for yourself at Nekomachi Street. Loosely based on one of the many pedestrian markets of Japan which are lined with sweet shops, restaurants and souvenir shops, this busy street is crawling with its feline residents engaging in activities that form a part and parcel of our daily lives.

The feline residents of Nekomachi enjoying a green tea frappe

It is evident that n0rik0 has paid a lot of attention to details while designing Nekomachi Street. The build itself consists of a main street, a side street and a few alleys running off of them. At various bars and restaurants along the main street, one can spot some cats enjoying bottles of chilled beer while being waited upon by their waiter – a cat, as well.

In fact, there are no humans here. Everything here is done by felines – cats can be seen cooking, serving, dancing, eating, delivering a pizza, shopping and engaging in many other activities which will surely bring a smile to your face.

Two cats put on a spectacular show towards the eastern end of the main street

One of my favorite scenes at Nekomachi is towards the eastern end of the main street where one can see two cats putting on a splendid show in which they balance a wooden box on their umbrellas while simultaneously turning them as a few cats watch their display in fascination.

Take your time to walk around Nekomachi Street. n0rik0 has incorporated small adorable scenes throughout the build. This place is bound to give you an instant mood boost and will hit a chord with all those who love felines.

Explore this rather enjoyable build of a Japanese market run by cats and be fascinated with the creativity and ingenuity on display. Click HERE to visit Nekomachi Street inworld.



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