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Never Forget : A Virtual Tribute to the Horrifying 9/11 Attacks

A temporary region-wide installation by Lex Machine honors the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that shaped the fight against terrorism in the 21st century.

September 11th, 2001 is perhaps the darkest day in modern American history. It was the day terrorists hijacked airliners and subsequently crashed them into the World Trade Center. It was this day that defined the Presidency of George W. Bush and even to this day, in some way, dictates U.S. initiatives to fight terrorism around the world.

In his evening address to the nation, the President said, “Today, our nation saw evil.” We lived through one of the major news events of the 21st century that occupied space in the newspapers even months after the tragic date on which it occurred. Even today, twenty years down the line, memories of these horrific, cowardly attack remain fresh in the minds of all Americans, especially New Yorkers, who were extremely close to ground zero.

Never Forget – Solveig

Three thousand souls perished that day; horrifying visuals showed people jumping to their deaths to escape the fire that was burning through the building. On the 20th anniversary of these attacks, Lex Machine has created a temporary, sim-wide installation at Solveig to commemorate the thousands of people who lost their lives on this fateful day.

What is stunning about this installation is the poignant aura it radiates due to its sheer scale. Lex has re-created the Twin Towers with a few changes to reflect the utter destruction of peace that prevailed on this sad day. The scale of this build is so large that to view it in its entirety, I would suggest you to use a draw distance of at least 400. Another thing to note is that activating the Advanced Lighting Model here would greatly enhance the visuals of the installation.

Never Forget – Solveig

Over time, humans have the tendency to forget things. Memories tend to become blurred and with the passage of time, as our wounds are slowly healed, there is the danger of becoming complacent and forgetting this event that shaped the fight against terror around the world. During his first address to the nation after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, President George W. Bush pledged, “None of us will ever forget this day.

And to this day we never have… and never will! We will not forget this happened. We will keep up the fight against terror and we will continue to hunt and punish all those responsible for disturbing peace in this world. These are the thoughts that swept through my mind as I looked at this fascinating build. Many emotions and memories came flooding back into my mind during my visit. “Never Forget” is an installation that will touch the heart of every human being and while it makes us revisit a horrifying incident from the past, it is also a grim reminder of the grave threat terrorism poses to world peace.

A fitting tribute to the 9/11 attacks in the virtual world, “Never Forget” is a temporary build which will be up only till Sunday. All the more reason for you to visit it as soon as possible!


  1. Never Forget – Solveig

Important : This build will be up only till Sunday, September 12th. So please ensure you get there before then!



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