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New at ArtCare : Time Passes and Love Wins

Discover two equally engaging exhibitions by Liz Winterstorm and Strymon Parthicus at the ArtCare Gallery this week which explore completely different themes.

Two new exhibitions have opened this week on Level 2 of the ArtCare Gallery, which is owned and managed by Carelyna. While the names of the artists were unfamiliar to me, it is always a pleasure to discover new artists, so I decided to pay a visit… and boy, am I glad I did!

The exhibitions, titled Time Passes and Love Wins by artists Liz Winterstorm and Strymon Parthicus respectively, while being completely different in their tones, manage to create a beautiful contrast as one travels from one end of the exhibition space to another. The former exhibit focuses on works created exclusively in black and white (with maybe just a hint of color in some of them) while the latter is rich in vibrant colors that stand out beautifully in the room.

Love Wins” by Strymon Parthicus – ArtCare Gallery

A point of commonality which can be found between the two artists exhibiting here is that they are both self-taught artists who consider SL to be a creative outlet to share their feelings and emotions with others. Apart from being a brilliant photographer, Strymon is also an excellent builder who strives to build places which will one day inspire others to build and create as well.

An example of his build is of course the chess set, which forms the centerpiece of his exhibition space at the ArtCare Gallery. This chess set is the piece that gives the exhibition its title and is a beautiful creation. While it is a beautiful piece of 3D art by itself, “Love Wins” is also rich in meaning and interpretations that art lovers can revel in.

Love Wins” by Strymon Parthicus – ArtCare Gallery

The game of chess is a battle between two opposing armies that engage in battle till one of the kings has nowhere to escape. The queen forms an important part of this battle, being the most powerful piece on the chessboard. Strymon puts an interesting twist to the game with his sculpture depicting the black king engaged in a sort of slow dance with the white queen at the very center of the board, symbolizing that love is a powerful emotion which has the power to end wars and conflicts. The entire board, along with the pieces has been modelled as a sand sculpture with beautiful texturing that enhances the overall effect of the build.

The walls around the central sculpture are covered in Strymon’s photographs. While most of the images are taken in the virtual world, two pieces of photography from the physical world also find themselves as a part of this stunning exhibition. The title of the exhibition itself is taken from the central piece; however, the 2D artworks around it are also filled with love and positivity. In some cases, the affection between humans and animals becomes the subject of the image (“Magic World“) while in others it is simply a romantic atmosphere that fills the frame (“Dusts of Persia” and “Diana“).

Time Passes” by Liz Winterstorm – ArtCare Gallery

The other half of the exhibition room is occupied by the artwork of Liz Winterstorm, whose exhibition is more poignant, atmospheric and created in the greyscale with just faint shades of color visible at places. Albert Einstein proved to the world through the Special Theory of Relativity that time is in fact relative and not absolute.

While not exactly in the way Einstein meant it, our mind tends to warp time as per the situation such that at times, even a minute feels like an hour while sometimes, time just passes by really fast. It is this passage of time and our mental perception of it that forms the basis of Liz Winterstorm’s exhibit – Time Passes.

Time Passes” by Liz Winterstorm – ArtCare Gallery

There are a number of situations in which time seems to slow down, a lot of them being filled with anxiety, nervousness or even a hint of sadness. Through her photography, Liz manages to showcase a variety of these situations where time seems to deviate from its regular speed. Each image creates a nuanced narrative full of different emotions.

In one of the images titled “6:04 pm“, a girl is seen waiting for someone who has presumably not arrived at the 6 pm mark. The anxiety on the girl’s face is visible very clearly and serves as just one example that one can find a connection with. “Locked Inside” is another image we all can relate to, especially after the lockdown imposed due to Covid-19. Many other such instances can be found in Liz’s exquisite photographs that utilize lighting and contrast with great effect.

While this happens to be my first encounter with the work of either artist here, I hope to see their work more frequently in the future. Strymon’s detailed, vibrant imagery coupled with Liz Winterstorm’s photographs which serve as a poignant reminder of the passage of time makes for an interesting visit to Carelyna’s ArtCare Gallery that prompts you to think about a number of things.


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