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New Exhibits at the Love & Love Art Gallery

We provide a brief glimpse of some incredible new exhibits by three different artists that have opened up this week at the Love & Love Art Gallery.

As we land at the Love & Love Art Gallery, bright colors and a welcoming ambience provide the positivity that we all need in these times. A short corridor extends towards a wall displaying the title of the gallery. As we enter the hallway, an exhibit by well-known artist Patrick Moya invites us to enter. On walking towards the end of the hallway, we see a door on the right opening up to another incredible exhibit by Oblomov.

These two exhibits provide a teaser for the exciting journey ahead. At the end of the hallway, nestled between a Group Inviter and a Donation board, we find a teleporter on the floor. The new exhibits can be accessed by hopping onto this teleporter.

Click HERE to visit the main landing point of the Love & Love Art Gallery.

“Inherent” by Adwehe

In the first exhibit you will reach through the teleporters, Adwehe presents a dynamic environment rich in color and intensity. For the best experience, it is suggested to set Environment to Midnight (World > Environment > Midnight). In the Preferences window (Ctrl+P) make sure you have the Advanced Lighting turned on and the Shadows set to Sun/Moon + Projectors. Adwehe’s environment is certainly something that needs to be felt and experienced by being there.

Click HERE to visit “Inherent” by Adwehe inworld.

“De Chiricocanto” by Daniele DACO Constantin

“De Chiricocanto” draws inspiration from the works of Giorgio de Chirico, founder of the scuola metafisica art movement (also known as metaphysical painting). Roman arcades, long shadows and illogical perspective – all the trademarks of Giorgio de Chirico’s work can be seen here. The sun, which has so famously featured in several of Chirico’s works, also finds its place in this rendition of metaphysical art in the virtual world by Daniele. “De Chiricocanto” is an artistic construction that pays homage to a great artist while also maintaining its originality.

Click HERE to visit “De Chiricocanto” by Daniele DACO Constantin.

Paintings by Daniele DACO Constantin

Apart from “De Chiricocanto”, Daniele also has a gallery of mesmerizing artworks. Some of them are created within the virtual space while many others have been created years ago in the physical world. In many of his works, we find the use of sanguine, a red-brown chalk resembling the color of dried blood. Strolling through this gallery and getting engrossed in art is a wonderful experience.

Click HERE to visit this collection of Daniele’s paintings inworld.

“Stardust” by Daruma Boa

“Stardust” has been designed based on the Tree of Life, a concept from the Jewish Kabbalah. Daruma Boa invites us to undertake a journey on various paths through the Tree of Life in this incredible exhibit. The exhibit is rich in symbolism and provides visitors an insight into the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. We land at the node called Malkuth which sits at the bottom of the tree and begin our journey from there. Brightly-colored lines across the dark floor mark the different paths that can be taken through the Tree of Life. “Stardust” by Daruma Boa is an interesting journey through mystical traditions and philosophy.

Click HERE to visit “Stardust” by Daruma Boa inworld.

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