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New Folkvang : Land of the Vikings<

Sturdy longships, mystical forests and an ancient throne awaits you in the land of the Vikings as you explore the fascinating landscape of New Folkvang.

It is said that if you have a fertile imagination, you can create whatever your heart desires. The beginning of something amazing always starts with a simple idea. This was the case with New Folkvang as well. Freya Vanir, the creator of this wonderful region, hails from Denmark where the Vikings originally come from. One day, she started to wonder how her country would look like today if they had stuck to the old ways of the Vikings. This simple concept got her thinking and soon she was designing the basic layout of the region, finding things on Marketplace and months later, giving final touches to her very own New Folkvang.

At the landing point, you can find a number of teleports to the most important places in this region. But I always believe the journey to be more important than the destination itself; so I would recommend using the teleports only if you are really short on time.

One of the many lovely rentals – New Folkvang

New Folkvang comprises of a number of islands connected to each other with the help of ramshackle wooden bridges. Along with a scenic landscape, this region is interspersed with some rather pretty rental cottages, ranging from L$100-250 a week with an astonishing land impact allowance of 1000 each at the moment! At the time of my visit, they were all occupied, but you never know. You may be lucky to find one vacant.

Another interesting place that you absolutely need to visit is Vanir’s Pub – a themed pub which has regular scheduled sets every week on all days except Sunday. From the landing point, cross the first bridge and then take a left to cross another. This bridge will bring you right in front of the pub. The pub encourages all kinds of music including rock, pop, R&B, soft EDM and many other genres. By the way, they are also looking for DJs and Managers at the pub, so if you are interested, please don’t forget to pick up an application here.

Vanir’s Pub, a lively venue playing some wonderful tunes – New Folkvang

Instead of taking the left turn to head towards the pub after the first bridge, if you continue to follow the road straight, you will find yourself at a beautiful rental cottage in the woods. Throughout New Folkvang, you will find the dreamy forests bussing with activity. Butterflies, fireflies, birds and even some deer inhabit these magical woods. Following the path further, you will cross another wooden bridge to reach another of this region’s beautiful islands.

The path, as it passes through the woods on this island, is lit on both sides by Nordic light posts made of what looks like giant walrus tusks and a fire torch. Climbing up a wooden stairway, we reach the top of a rocky cliff. This area of New Folkvang is perfect for couples. They can have a romantic date together at the open-air “dreaming house” offering scenic views of the vast ocean; or they can instead choose to cuddle together at the cozy tent located near the ancient throne that gives this small isle it’s name – Ancient Throne Island.

Dreaming House“, perfect for a romantic date – New Folkvang

Vanir Mansion – the majestic home of the Vanir family that rules these lands – can be accessed by a set of stairs to the right, almost immediately after the first set of stairs we climbed to reach the top of the cliff. If you are expecting, old chandeliers, Victorian furniture and fire torches, this is absolutely not what you will find at Vanir Mansion. The mansion is a lavish modern home suitable for the Vanirs, who are all New Age Vikings.

The Vikings are renowned all over the world for their sturdy ships and outstanding navigational skills on the high seas. A region dedicated to celebrating the ancient Viking culture would be incomplete without a glimpse of the longships that made them a force to be reckoned with through the Middle Ages.

Children’s Playground – New Folkvang

From Vanir’s Pub, you need to follow the path northwards to reach a wooden bridge. While crossing this bridge, on the right, you can see a longship floating in the lagoon, a reminder of the region’s glorious past. The path eventually ends at a children’s playground, completely made out of wood. This is a beautiful place to click some Flickr-worthy pics to take back with you as a memory of this land of the Vikings.

But this is not the full extent of New Folkvang. Freya has gone a step further and created a beautiful wedding venue on a platform in the sky available for rent with prices depending upon length of the ceremony. It can be rented for up to 4 hours… L$1,500 for one hour, L$3,000 for two, L$4,500 for three and finally 5000L$ for all four hours.

A wedding at New Folkvang can be really special as you have the opportunity to be wed by the King of Gods, Odin, or the Goddess of Love, Freya. The wedding cost also includes a DJ who will coordinate with the bride and groom to find the right music and decide what to play and when.

The spectacular stage of the Covid-Safe Summer Festival – New Folkvang

New Folkvang will be hosting the Covid-Safe Summer Festival on 2nd and 3rd July at a spectacular venue created just for the occasion. They are looking for DJs, live singers, hosts and managers for the event; so if you are interested, do contact Freya Vanir (missoeien).

This beautiful region incorporates the rich culture of the Vikings into a magical landscape in such a way that everyone is able to connect with the sights they see and the experiences they have. The wedding venue, the pub, the mystical ancient throne and so many other things on this beautiful region are each special in their own unique way.

Click HERE to visit New Folkvang inworld.

Do follow their FACEBOOK page to stay updated with the latest happenings.



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