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Noir - A Stunning Exhibit by Joanna Kitten

Artist Joanna Kitten presents a set of images in the greyscale at the Nitroglobus Gallery Annex, which illustrate her love for 1950s film noir.

The 1940s and 1950s are generally considered to be the classic period in film noir. The filmography of this era is often characterized by a low-key, black and white visual style with its roots in German Expressionist photography. It is artist Joanna Kitten's love for this film genre that inspired "Noir", her latest exhibition in the Nitroglobus Gallery Annex.

Till date, Joanna has mostly been a landscape photographer, her images always illustrating her love of nature, the sea and wild places throughout Second Life. However, in "Noir", she has stepped away from her usual style and subjects to create scenes which are rich in human emotions.

Kitten has always preferred a wide format for her pictures and this continues in "Noir" as well. The images she presents here are high in contrast, accentuating the shadows and the lighting used in the image.

Frau Jo Yardley's 1920's Berlin Project sim has been used as the location for a number of these images, whereas other sims featured in this exhibit are Isle de Noir, Blue Orange, Temple Hof and Omerta City. Visitors who are ardent explorers might be able to discover and recognize some of these places in the art displayed.

The reflective flooring of the Nitroglobus Gallery provides an illusion of space while the sculptures placed by curator Dido Haas enhance the viewing experience greatly. Adwehe's light spheres, placed at various places around the exhibit space, bring a beautiful extra dimension to the exhibition.

"Noir" by Joanna Kitten officially opens at the Nitroglobus Gallery Annex on Monday, October 10th at 1 pm SLT with music by DJ Jewell. However, the exhibition is already up on the walls, so interested readers can already start visiting!



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