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Onceagain Art Gallery : Drawing a Dream

Onceagain’s latest exhibition is inspired and driven by her love for horses and contains a mix of her physical world sketches and artistic SL photography and draws comparison between the two.

The art gallery owned by the artist known as Onceagain (manoji.yachvili) is situated on several levels, much like our very own Art Korner. The Main Gallery, which is the standard landing point for the parcel, features Onceagain’s own art and some pieces from her art collection. At the entrance to this gallery, you will find teleporters leading you to the other levels, namely “Private Collection“, “Personal Exhibit” and “Artist of the Month“. Taking the Teleporter up to “Personal Exhibit” will land you inside a snow-covered landscape with Onceagain’s stunning artwork surrounding you on all sides.

Drawing a Dream“, Onceagain’s new exhibition at her own gallery, is a mix of her RL sketches and SL photographs. Can SL photographs be manipulated such that they are visually indistinguishable from RL art? Onceagain shows us how its done in her this latest exhibition which features RL sketches and photographs from Second Life, manipulated to look like RL sketches, all featuring a common theme – horses.

Everyone loves horses. To each of us they symbolize different things. For some they may be representative of freedom or energy while for others, they may be representative of strength and endurance. Whatever the case may be, these gentle, loving creatures have always had a beautiful relationship with humans.

One thing Onceagain does differently from almost any other gallery in Second Life is that she designs a complete landscape which complements the artwork perfectly. In this case, she has created a wintery landscape with snow dunes, which works incredibly well with her sketches and Second Life photography.

Within the exhibit space itself, one can see some horses and even pose with them for a photograph, thanks to Onceagain keeping some pose balls handy. Walking around the exhibit space is made easier thanks to the stone paths which spread around, snaking around behind trees and eventually returning back to the center.

With the help of fine-tuned EEP settings and some post-processing (though not much, I think, if at all any), Onceagain manages to manipulate her SL photographs to look like sketches drawn on paper, with some light shading.

So how does one distinguish the RL sketches from the SL photography here? The trick is to look for the color of the frame. The black frames all contain Onceagain’s sketches from the physical world whereas the lighter frames have been assigned to SL photographs. Horses can be seen galloping around, neighing, sitting, grazing and involved in a number of activities throughout the space as well as in the pictures which gives us the feeling of being a part of the pieces which Onceagain has been sketching/photographing.

Drawing a Dream” is another stunning, immersive display by Onceagain which definitely deserves a visit this week. All the images available here are only being sold as limited editions, so make sure you get there as fast as you can!


  1. Onceagain Art Gallery – Peaceful Mountains

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