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Orange : Feel the Glow of Life

Surrender to the energy of Orange; let go and feel it flow inside you as you walk the lands of this magical world created by Livio Korobase.

Emotions and feelings are often associated with portraits and hardly ever with landscapes. However, Livio Korobase has specialized in creating incredible and unique landscapes which are emotional in nature. He is credited with creating some truly remarkable exhibits within the virtual space. He has worked not just within Second Life® but also in several other virtual worlds.

An idol of Lord Ganesh at the landing point

Livio’s latest creation “Orange” is inspired not just by the color but by what it represents. This is the color of creativity, growth, learning, pleasure, a sense of vitality and aliveness. It is also the color of Svadhishtana or the Sacral Chakra, the chakra associated with sensuality and creativity.

We land at “Orange” inside a small structure, shielded from the orange world outside by a screen. Inside the structure is a statue of the Hindu Elephant God, Lord Ganesh. The color orange shares a profound ad deep connection with Hinduism. Orange is the color of fire and thus is revered in Hindu beliefs and traditions as the color of purification.

At this point, it would be advisable to switch to Ultra Mode and use Shared Environment (World > Environment > Use Shared Environment) to view this Orange World in the best possible way. Lag is kept to a minimum in this installation and switching to Ultra will not affect your computer performance much.

As you pass through the thin screen separating you from this world created by Livio, you will be left fascinated by what you see. Strolling through this surreal world is not just soothing, it somehow manages to make you feel more active.

A gigantic octopus playing with a scaffolding

A Rhinoceros with a musical horn instead of its real one

A gigantic octopus playing with a scaffolding, artistically textured giraffes; a rhinoceros with a musical horn instead of its real one; an octopus with hands replacing its tentacles; a dining table on a tree watched over by a huge owl; cactuses growing in water – these are just some of the bizarre and interesting things Livio has created for display here.

An artistically textured giraffe

A sculpture displaying various emotions on the face of the Laughing Buddha

Along with this, “Orange” offers plenty of photo opportunities as a lot of these creations include poses you can play around with. You can also ride the “Train of Desire”, a wooden toy engine which will take you on a short trip. If you are visiting with friends, make sure you find the car below the scaffolding and choose a color on the board next to it to rez bumper cars. Playing bumper cars in the divine orange glow is just too much fun!

Livio’s creations are always dynamic. He believes emotions change continuously and refuses to make inspiration static. Thus, on a repeat visit to “Orange” you might come across something new or find something has changed as this wonderful project evolves.

“Orange” is the first of many more creations and landscapes to be showcased at Feint and Bone. Curated by Bryn Oh, this rotating art exhibition promises to be a delight for all art lovers. “Orange” by Livio Korobase is open to visitors from March 1st to April 30th.

Click HERE to visit “Orange” inworld.

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