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Tucker Stilley : “Palimpsessed” at Cape Able

Visit this unique art exhibition celebrating the works of Tucker Stilley, an artist who has been paralyzed due to ALS but continues to work with the help of a machine.

Most of us are aware of the inspiring story of Mr. Stephen Hawking, who, against all odds, fought against the disabilities he was faced with due to an early-onset, slowly-progressing Motor Neuron Disease and became one of the most well-known and respected scientists in the world. “Palimpsessed” is an exhibition at Cape Able Art Gallery celebrating the works of an artist with a similar story.

Tucker Stilley is a veteran intermedia artist and ‘distinguished alumni’ of Massachusetts College of Art and Design. He was also also a member of the Studio for Interrelated Media there. During the 80s, technology became a moving force in art and Stilley started work with The Cube at Media Lab, MIT. Being prominent members of Boston’s media art scene, he and his partner, Lindsay Mofford, moved freely between academia, technology, corporate, public and the underground, producing works shown at various galleries as well as at many clubs and lofts that characterized the vibrant art scene of that period.

In 2005, Tucker Stilley was diagnosed with the Motor Neuron Disease (also known as ALS) and today, is completely paralyzed. But he did not let his inability to move affect his art. Today, he uses his eyes to control a hybrid computer system to speak, surf and create some really outstanding works of art.

Today, we have the ability to view his work up close in Second Life at the Cape Able Art Gallery, which features works created by disabled artists. Cape Able is a part of Virtual Ability which has been building communities of support in the virtual world for people with disabilities. It is a community which enables people with a wide range of disabilities to enter and thrive in online virtual worlds like Second Life.

Palimpsessed” is the latest exhibition of Tucker Stilley’s works, which have been created with the help of a sophisticated generative software. However, looking at the art, it doesn’t really feel machine-generated at all. Stilley’s artworks bring together a broad spectrum of post-postmodernist art, ranging from mixed media collages to hard edge abstracts.

This beautiful art show, celebrating the artistic creativity of Tucker Stilley at the Cape Able Art Gallery, spreads over two levels of the gallery and has been possible because of his sister, Kate Stilley Steiner, who played a major role in bringing his art into the virtual world.

The story of Mr. Tucker Stilley, who still continues to create such beautiful works of art despite being faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, will definitely serve as a source of inspiration for us all.

Every Wednesday, from 5 pm to 7 pm SLT, there will be a guided tour of Tucker Stilley’s exhibition “Palimpsessed” at the Cape Able Art Gallery. This is a unique opportunity to learn more about this great artist and his work.

Click HERE to visit “Palimpsessed” by Tucker Stilley at the Cape Able Art Gallery inworld

More information about Tucker Stilley can also be found on his WEBSITE

To know more about Virtual Ability, visit their WEBSITE

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