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Panacea : A Place to Forget All Worries

Picturesque waterfalls, burbling streams, romantic restaurants and adventurous hikes … a journey through Panacea will take your breath away.

One of the many ways in which Second Life has enriched the real lives of its residents is by providing an opportunity to do things and have experiences which are not possible for some reason in the physical world. In today’s post-Covid atmosphere, where lockdowns and movement restrictions still exist in many places, it has become increasingly difficult for people to find an escape from the monotonous grind of everyday life. Panacea, in many ways, provides just that.

The word Panacea traces its roots back to 1540 and originates from Latin panacea, a herb that would heal all illnesses. And Panacea is a place which will uplift your mood and help you forget all your worries as you explore it.

Set on a Homestead sim, this build is a marvel – a showcase of what an excellent designer can do even with limited prims. It allows visitors to experience the scenic landscape and hear nature’s many sounds as they walk around this beautiful region.

We land at Panacea on a small bridge across a gently flowing river. As soon as we arrive, we are greeted by the sound of flowing water and the distant cries of several birds – a pleasant experience in itself. The sky is partially covered in clouds which allows enough sunlight to pass through. The region is roughly divided into two halves by the flowing river and the bridge we land upon forms the only pathway between them.

The sandy shores of the beach provide a tranquil spot for couples

The entire region is covered by winding unpaved paths which suit the countryside setting really well. Most of the coastline of Panacea is made up of rock beaches with waves crashing against them. Perhaps the only sand beach in the region lies on the northern side of the bridge. A lounger, a few beach chairs and a beach rug make this an ideal spot for couples. As you step onto the beach sands, you will be greeted by the sound of waves breaking up on the sandy shores – one of the most beautiful sounds nature provides us.

Next to the beach, a couple of cute seaside cabins can be found. One of these cabins also contains some games which can be enjoyed with friends. The beach is also an excellent place to rez some Madpea Starboats and engage your friends in a battle for some ultimate summer fun.

A small cafe by the roadside immediately catches the eye

In another part of this region, while walking along the path, a small cafe by the roadside immediately catches the eye. The title on the food wagon, equipped with a coffee machine, reads “The Pigeon Cafe“. A quick look at the surroundings will tell you why. Under the shade of the trees, a few tables have been laid out for visitors. We see a number of pigeons loitering around the tables, eating food crumbs and insects off the ground. The cooing of these pigeons can be heard around the cafe, overpowering all other sounds.

Sounds are an important aspect of this region and it is highly recommended to turn them up before starting your journey through Panacea. The song of birds, the waves crashing against rocks, the burble of the gently flowing river all add to the experience. The northern half of Panacea also provides beautiful views of a small island with an old lighthouse perched upon it. The lighthouse, even though located towards the edge, is one of the most striking features of this region.

The restaurant on the southern bank of the river is perfect for a date

A big chunk of the southern part of Panacea is dominated by small hills. Steep, barren rocky cliffs can be seen jutting upwards. A beautiful garden-bar and restaurant stands on the southern bank of the river. This is a perfect location for a romantic date. Dining in this serene and tranquil atmosphere would be an incredible experience indeed!

One of the things that should not be missed on a visit to Panacea is a short hike to the waterfall. Just before reaching the restaurant, we have to cross a little bridge across a stream. Immediately after crossing this stream, one can see another path heading off towards the right. A hiking sign marks the start of this path which will lead you to the picturesque waterfall.

The picturesque waterfalls should not be missed during your visit to Panacea

As we approach the waterfall, a small herd of sheep can be seen happily grazing in a small meadow next to the stream. The bleating of sheep can be heard as we approach the clearing. One look at the waterfall makes us realize it isn’t just one fall but actually seven small ones! Nearby, a silo bar can be found, serving coffee and some refreshments. This place is one of the most serene, idyllic spots within Panacea and should not be missed.

The highlight of Panacea is perhaps the trek up the hill. From the restaurant by the riverside, a small path leads to the bronze statue of a smiling prince. A short walk off the road leads to the start of the trek. The adventurous trail starts off on a series of ramshackle bridge ramps constructed on the side of a steep cliff. As we keep following the trail while gaining ground simultaneously, a beautiful view of the entire region emerges on the left side.

A hang glider awaits us at the top of the hill

The trail concludes at the top of the hill where a hang glider awaits us. Hang on to this glider and start your rather scenic and exciting descent to the bottom. The hang glider gives you a unique view of Panacea from a completely different angle. It can be used by a single person as well as by a couple. The hang glider ride is perhaps one of the most memorable experiences you will have at Panacea.

A journey through this region will leave you with an uplifted mood and a refreshed mind. The sounds of nature, so rarely heard in an urban environment, provide a welcome relief from the dull routine of everyday life. There is something for everyone in Panacea. Photographers can find remarkable opportunities for taking pictures all over this region. Couples can find private spots to sit, talk and cuddle with their loved ones. Those visiting with friends can engage each other in a game of bumper boats while the more enthusiastic explorers can seek out hidden spots.

Panacea is the brainchild of Moonstone (hecatolite) and was created by her right before Christmas. During winter, it was covered with snow; but recently, as the season changed to spring, she gave it an incredible makeover. What is even more fascinating is the fact that Panacea is actually Moonstone’s first ever region build! If her first build is as breathtaking as this one, we can expect many more marvels from her in the years to come.

Explore the beauty of nature, hear the song of birds and feel your worries drift away as you explore this fascinating region. Click HERE to visit Panacea inworld.

Share your pics on the Panacea FLICKR Group.

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