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Participate in the Pryce Bloom of Spring Campaign 2022 : Humanity's Heart!

An open invitation to EVERYONE to join and be a part of the Pryce Bloom of Spring Campaign 2022! Read more about how you can make a difference and offer encouragement through your photography!

If you are an active user of Facebook or Flickr in your Second Life, it is almost impossible to miss the beautiful, spring-inspired artwork and encouraging words of inspiration put forth by 160 photographers as a part of the "Bloom of Spring : Humanity's Heart" campaign organized by Lawrence Pryce, an amazing photographer himself.

Lawrence Pryce says, "The past couple of years have brought most of us to our knees - in prayer or in grief - and at times, these adversities seem to destroy our sense of self. Despite these circumstances there was a rallying of compassion, support, faith and the will to act on one another's behalf. Heroes of all walks of life took charge to be a difference and to make one. This is the heart of humanity. This is the beauty of our nature. We're never out for the count as we are more than conquerors. We take a lick and keep on ticking. That may be simplifying things in a bit of humor but it's true."

Life has a way of challenging us to the point we can barely stand. It would seem as if Murphy's Law never turned a blind eye from our direction, yet we persevere! Our determination to take on the battle makes our resolve triumphant.

"Think for a moment about all you have been endured in your life", says Lawrence. "You could have given up and at times you thought you would but yet, you're still here. You're still taking on life like a champ! That's the human spirit. The will to thrive and survive! To be a testimony for one's self and in the life of another! That's Humanity's Heart!! That's the purpose of this Campaign!"

An Open Invitation to All

Today, Lawrence is inviting EVERYONE who desires to join in celebration of this year's theme Humanity's Heart to join the Campaign.

Capture your expression of what this theme means to you. Please be sure to impart words of wisdom, love, admiration and faith, to bless the day of all those who will read them. Below you will find the Guidelines as well as a Pinterest Gallery to inspire your ideas.

May this movement of positivity thrive as we are our each other's keeper! No one shall stand nor dwell alone! Enjoy the theme as there is no deadline. It's an open ended invitation.

The Cigar Room - Bloom of Spring Campaign : Humanity's Heart | 2022


Gallery for Inspiration


Image Guidelines

  • Include your words of encouragement [ Feel free to use your favorite quote, book excerpt, music lyrics or etc. A paragraph is sufficient.]

  • Images MUST include flowers and/or Spring foliage

  • Image may be artistic, expressive, eclectic, landscaped/ scenic captures, portraits, still works or high fashion.

  • Images captured may be vibrant in color, soft, subdued or black/white for this year's theme. Consider the emotion you desire to impress and captured it as desired.

  • Nudity is PROHIBITED in any/every varied manner. Please photograph fully clothed. No lingerie, body suits, undergarments, topless nor shirtless. Please wear clothes.

  • Human ADULT avatar. Mythical or fantasy characteristics such as: tails, wings, Elven ears or any prosthetics (robotic attachments) non human is prohibited

  • Images are to be taken of YOU! Not a model, friend or random stranger. No couple or pairing.

Facebook & Flickr Tagging Instructions

  • Flickr & Facebook Title: Pryce: Bloom of Spring Campaign

  • Everyone is welcome to tag Lawrence Pryce via Flickr & Facebook

  • Facebook/Flickr hashtag: #PryceBloomofSpringCampaign

If you should have any questions, concerns or need help, simply drop a line to Lawrence Pryce and he would be more than happy to answer whatever you may need.

Lawrence Pryce




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