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Permafrost : Exploring the Wild Tundra

The third build of the Endless series focuses on the landscape of the Tundra region while simultaneously sending out a strong message about the environment.

It is August already and nearing the end of the summer season. In fact, I already see some places starting to put out posters for their End of Summer parties inworld. It is the time we bid adieu to the warmth of the summer and prepare to embrace the cold of the winter. And it is in these days of late summer that Sombre Nyx (sombrenyx) has come up with an incredible build continuing her well-known Endless series.

Known as Endless : Permafrost, this build presents a sub-Arctic landscape much like the ones found in Alaska or Siberia in the physical world. The name of the build – Permafrost – comes from a permanently frozen layer on or under the surface of the earth, which consists of soil, gravel, and sand, bound together by ice. Such a layer is found in nearly 1/4th of the Northern hemisphere and occurs when the ground stays frozen solid for more than 2 years at a time.

A majority of the sim-wide build consists of long stretches of treeless plains, which are often found in the Tundra region. Streams, ponds and brooks, a direct result of the melting ice in late summer, divide the rather long grassy stretches to several short ones. Most of the woods and larger trees here are found in the south-western part of the region that is also significantly more hilly compared to the rest of it.

The woods can be explored by following a trail which starts from the radar base camp near the landing point and eventually, after some searching, will land you at the summit of the mountain, where you can enjoy some lone time with your partner as you enjoy the rather spectacular views of Permafrost you get from there.

Exploring the grasslands will definitely take up most of your time at Endless : Permafrost as this is a landscape unique to this region and which will undoubtedly give you the opportunity to take some quick snaps. At the north eastern corner of the sim lies a crumbling house, which has tilted and sunk into the ground from one end. Nearby, an old water tower is in ruins next to a small pond with a broken wooden foot bridge across it. Going a bit further along the path brings us to a graveyard, where some of the gravestones have been uprooted or broken.

These scenes of destruction in a place as beautiful as this makes us wonder what really happened here. The answer lies in the title itself – permafrost. It also brings us to a subtle message conveyed through this build by creator Sombre Nyx about one of the most controversial debates of the day – climate change.

Many northern villages in the physical world are built on permafrost. When permafrost is frozen, it’s harder than concrete. However, melting permafrost can destroy houses, roads and other infrastructure, as can be seen in the region. These pictures are not out of a fairytale but a reality in parts of Siberia today, forewarning a looming climate crisis on our hands.

Whether or not you choose to find a deeper meaning behind the region and the build is up to you; in either case, Endless : Permafrost is a build you do not want to miss. Photographers will be rejoiced at the limitless possibilities this region offers while couples will find solace at secluded spots in the woods. Through the third build in her Endless series, Sombre Nyx has created a visual story that is engaging, compelling and a true wonder to experience.


  1. Endless : Permafrost – Haraiki Bay

Tip : Permafrost has open rezzing (it did at the time of my visit); so feel free to rez your props and pose balls for photography. Make sure you clean it up before you leave though.

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