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Photo Cafe’ Beach Lounge : A Meeting Place for Photographers

A meeting space for photographers where anyone can freely discuss their ideas and participate in the Photographers’ Chats held on alternate Saturdays at 11 am SLT!

While we have been writing about galleries and exhibitions for a while, today’s post is not about an exhibit but rather about a space where photographers are encouraged to join in, discuss their work and collaborate with each other. Yes, we’re talking about the Photo Cafe’ Beach Lounge!

What is this place, you ask? The Photo Cafe’ Beach Lounge is designed as a meeting spot for all SL Photographers (of any level) to gather together and share experiences, hints, tips & tricks, landmarks or contests (inworld or Flickr) and whatever else comes to their minds!

On alternate Saturdays at 11 am SLT, the Photo Cafe’ Beach Lounge hosts a Photographers’ Chat, which is a well-attended event. It is where collaborations are formed, ideas are discussed and things are learned.

We believe that a lot can be learned from the experiences of others“, says Kika Yongho, the owner of the Photo Cafe’ Beach Lounge. “Our fortnightly photographers’ chats are where people can come and engage in fruitful discussions about photography and talk about upcoming projects or ideas they may have as well as gather opinions on some recent works they may have done. It is a very dynamic and practical way of learning photography.

Duraya and Kapaan are the wonderful photographers who conduct and moderate this discussion. So as to be accessible to even non-English speakers, the discussions are all conducted in local chat over text.

Discussion Rules:

Please remember to type the following:

  1. C – for comment

  2. Q – for question

  3. R – for withdrawal

Start to type and wait to be called to enter your text!

The next Photographers’ Chat is TODAY (Saturday, February 19th) at 11 am SLT. Make sure you get there slightly before time as the region has a maximum capacity of 25 people!


  1. Photo Cafe’ Beach Lounge – Cafemar

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