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Photo Cafe Diaries : Episode#13 of Photographers' Chat

What happened in Episode#13 of the Photographers' Chat at the brand new location of Photo Cafe (previously Photo Cafe Beach Lounge)? Find out here!

This photographers' chat was a really special one as it was the first one hosted in the new Photo Cafe location, designed by Violette Rembrandt, who is well known for Wonderland 2.0, the fantasy build she created along with her partner, Lucifer.

During the last photographers' chat, people had started expressing interest in hosting workshops to spread their techniques and knowledge to other members of the community. ABy the time this edition of the chat was held, as many as nine workshops were already being offered by various people, with more to come. It was decided that the workshops will be held in two locations - some at the Photo Cafe while others at the Art Korner Classroom!

People interested in hosting workshops were advised to decide on their possible dates (only after Easter) and the location they would like to host the workshop in. Please contact Kika Yongho if you are interested in offering/participating in any workshop.

Possible Locations: Photo Cafe and Art Korner Classroom

After this, Duraya started the discussion for the day which was about expressing emotions through art, a topic which continued from the last edition of the chat.

Summary of Discussion

Facial expression is only one means to communicate emotions. We know that body language makes up a large part of communication between humans. For example, if you lift your head and straighten your shoulders, you immediately feel and look self-confident. However, if you bow your head a bit and sit relaxed, you will start looking thoughtful, maybe mysterious, not easily transparent. Let your head and shoulders drop and the body language indicates depression.

Inworld as well as on Marketplace, we find an abundance of poses to enable photographers to depict emotions. There are also devices available for fine-tuning those. Expression comes in many shapes and forms. In photography, it is mainly through subject selection, composition, and post-processing.

Humans, nature, light, darkness, shadows, cities, food, lifestyle, age, abstract, shapes, juxtaposition, streets, interactions, animals, and all the others you can think of may be used as amplifiers of emotions in photography. Low key, dark tones are used for mystery, fear and the unknown whereas high key, light tones for comfort, happiness and well-being.

Everything in between depends on your style and personal taste. Windlights and EEPs in Firestorm provide an abundance of options, using projectors add too.

Here are some hints (not rules) about perspective. Shooting from below may show power, strength and dominance. A head-on shot can signal confrontation. Shooting from a distance may be a third person view of the situation.

Use signs, backgrounds and anything around the image which helps to understand it better. DOF (Depth of Field) will subtract context and focus attention to the subject. This is something which was talked about before. Providing a lot of context will make us explore the interactions of the subject with the environment.

Every choice we make while shooting, editing or composing an image helps or prohibits viewers from reading the emotions involved. For example, blurring things in the image invites the viewer to guess and invent their own stories. The same people with different backgrounds makes us feel different about the shots.

A Challenge to be Introduced in the Next Photographers' Chat: "Interpret a classic painting using SL and your own style."

The next edition of the Photographers' Chat will be held on Saturday, April 2nd at 11 am SLT.


Join the new Photo Cafe Inworld Group by pasting the following link into Local Chat: secondlife:///app/group/e577fc56-4702-c1ae-afdc-e3625ae3bfe4/about


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