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Photo Cafe Diaries : Episode#14 of Photographers' Chat

What happened in Episode#14 of the Photographers' Chat at the new location of Photo Cafe (previously Photo Cafe Beach Lounge)? Find out here!

Starting this month of April, the Photo Cafe will have a new special recurrent Expo, called "In The Spot"! It will be a quarterly display of one single seasonal photo, and we will be starting with Spring! The first photographer who has been volunteered to display his art is JiggyPoof and his Spring photo can be admired in the golden frame on the tree.

How will this recurrent expo work?

Every 3 months a photo representing the ongoing season will be displayed, according to the current expo schedule:

Spring = April->June

Summer = July->September

Autumn = October->December

Winter = January->March

We will request (or you can volunteer!) a month before for the next season's photo, that will be displayed for 3 months’ time on the sim.

You can also (and you are very encouraged to do so!) post it in Photo Cafe' Flickr group:

that has been created to display Photo Cafe' related photos: taken at the Cafe or which are related to our contests/seasonal expo.

A Photo Challenge for the Next Round

A Photo Challenge was decided for the next round - "Reinterpret a Classic in your own way through Photography". The art chosen for interpretation was Rodin's The Thinker. It was decided that the use of the same pose is optional as it is an interpretation, not a re-creation. Contact Kika Yongho if you wish to acquire The Thinker pose inworld.

Submit your clicked images to Duraya (duraya resident) by April 14th for display during the next chat.

A Discussion about Personal Style

Personal style is evolving as we grow in our artistry. A lot of growth comes from knowledge, trial and error, and in learning from others. For example, a photographer's work can be scenic as they begin to dabble in more artistic and abstract concepts. The latter requires a lot of thought, preparation and a coherent theme with a clear concept. Thus, their style can evolve.

"Personal style" is something that develops and it is a mixture of own personal preferences on how to compose and/or edit a picture and inspirations that come from other artists, be it classical artists or recent ones.

The quest for "personal style" has been a bug for many since a while. One needs to decide that it won't bother them anymore to have photo that can be recognizable and "marked" by their own style because style is something which develops with the person. It is like something in your DNA that comes out in you as you grow up.

In short, our personal style should grow and not be "static". One should keep learning, else they run the risk of being stagnant in development of artistry of any form.

The next edition of the Photographers' Chat will be held on Saturday, April 16th at 11 am SLT.


Join the new Photo Cafe Inworld Group by pasting the following link into Local Chat: secondlife:///app/group/e577fc56-4702-c1ae-afdc-e3625ae3bfe4/about


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